Best Schools in Regina

Regina, sometimes referred to as Queen City, is the second-largest city and the capital of Saskatchewan. Regina has a rich history and has become one of the fastest-growing cities in Canada.

Regina has also become a favourite to families and is filled with many essential amenities such as libraries, healthcare facilities, and recreational facilities. There are shopping malls, parks, and movie theaters that cater to the social and physical needs of its residents.

Being a family-favourite city, Regina makes sure to look after its students’ needs. There are several schools in the area that offer some of the best education in the province.

We know that one of the most important needs of a child is quality education and, in Regina, you can find exactly that. In our beautiful city, you will be spoilt for choice with the number of schools available.

There are about 41 different public elementary schools, four of which are some of the largest school divisions in the province. There are also 8 public high schools, three of which are faith-based associate schools, as well as universities and colleges.

But how do you know which school to pick? No worries! In this article, Leenan Homes has compiled a list of the best schools in Regina.

Elementary Schools

Albert Community School

The Albert Community School is a renowned elementary school in Regina. It’s located at 1340 Robison street and is among the most popular choices for elementary schools. The school offers high-quality education, as it has the best teachers in the region who are at the top of their field.

regina elementary schools

Albert Community School is known for its excellent language courses and indigenous studies courses, among others.

Coronation Park Community School

Coronation Park Community School is another public elementary school in Regina. Located on 3105 street, the school is dedicated to making every child feel appreciated and part of a community. Kids take part in various activities that help them improve their social skills in addition to classwork.

The school uses a system known as the Circle of Courage 4-point scale to help every student read at their grade level. The system focuses on enhancing the literacy levels of children in their respective grades.

Argyle Elementary School

This elementary school is another favourite of many. It has some of the best teachers in the region, and it encourages its students to pursue academic excellence. The school also engages its students in activities outside the classroom.

Argyle Elementary School hosts events all year round that include students and parents alike. An example of some of their festivals is the “Books, Bagels and Belongings” event that is part of the education week celebration.

The school also encourages its students to be present in their communities and nurtures a sense of responsibility in them. The School Activity Council helps guide students on leadership, responsibility, and extra-curricular activities.

High Schools

Sheldon-Williams Collegiate

Since its opening in 1956, Sheldon-Williams Collegiate has been a high school with a rigorous and rewarding academic program. Students who have graduated from here have gone on to receive many local, provincial, and international scholarships and rewards.

regina high schools

The school has a focus on hands-on and inquiry-based learning. They also offer a much sought-after AP program, expanding their students’ opportunities. The school is also known for its unique VISA program, which integrates Canadian students with foreign students, widening their worldview.

Campbell Collegiate

Campbell Collegiate is known for its immense academic success. Students here are high achievers, surpassing the provincial average in test scores.

Since its opening in 1964, the school has refined its course offerings to bring the most long-term benefits to its students. These include a focus on business and trades courses, advanced study options, and interest-based learning. The school has numerous options within the core fields of academics, athletics, and art.

Students who attend this school are known for their global awareness, critical thinking, and fluency with advanced technology. Teachers encourage students to learn their passions and feel secure in their future.

Universities and Colleges

Saskatchewan Polytechnic

This is a primary public institution for post-secondary technical education that is recognized both on a national and international level for its innovation expertise.

Saskatchewan Polytechnic serves over 26,000 students throughout its various campus locations who pursue a wide variety of degrees, certificates, and diplomas offered by the school.

In fact, Saskatchewan Polytechnic offers over 150 programs that range from aviation, basic education, business, community service, nursing, technology, food, and hospitality, among many others. It also has opportunities for distance learning. Students are sure to find both a program to fit their goals as well as their ideal form of receiving education.

The University of Regina

This premier education institution has established itself as a centre of learning and innovation. It was initially founded as a private high school by the Methodist Church of Canada. Later on, it began an association with the University of Saskatchewan as a junior college.

regina universities

Today, this reputable university is known for having a focus on experimental learning. It offers internships and professional placements for all of its 41 programs.

Just like other universities and colleges in the region, the University of Regina offers a variety of degrees, all of which provide the students with quality education and the ability to secure employment following their graduation.

Bottom Line

If you have children, you want to know that they’ve been set up for a promising future from the start. With the acclaimed schools listed above, you’re sure to find the ideal fit!

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