What a Successful Home Builder Does

Customizing homes is planning, constructing, and providing for a client’s housing preferences. To serve clients well, successful builders are able to converse, develop plans and listen.

A series of meetings are frequently held at the start to collaborate on the housing project. Architects and designers are also part of the home building process.

However, the builders are in charge of adhering to the construction codes, following a customer’s decisions, budget, deadline, and requisite specifications.

Expectations of a Successful Custom Home Builder

Successful custom home builders are expected to:

  • Honour their clients’ wishes primarily. Different clients have their own vision of customized homes. As a builder, you must be able to carry out what the customer wants. One must be attentive and listen without judgment. Upon learning the vision, the project team must make it their mission to turn it into reality. Consultations will be done and feedback exchanged. There could be a lot of changes and adjustments given the new ideas and creativity coming into play
  • Submit plans for approval to the local authority. Planning and zoning departments have a set of standards to follow and it’s the builder’s responsibility to be compliant. If building a customized home requires special permits for more complicated structures, then it’s your duty to request and secure the permission of the Board in charge of planning and zoning
  • Manage the staff of subcontractors and schedule the work along the construction process while keeping to the budget
  • Arrange the walkthrough schedules with local representatives for timely inspections in various stages of the home building

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What Successful Custom Home Building Involves

Successful custom home building entails:

  • Promptly responding to requests made by clients, especially involving changes. Home construction is a process that requires a series of adjustments along the way
  • Deciding on the right materials to be used in construction. It requires choosing energy-efficient appliances and durable furnishings for the home. You’ll be discussing budgeting for the best outcome, given the financial resources
  • Being updated with the latest trends, developments, and technology available in the home building industry. It means weighing products and methods that enhance productivity and speed in project completion. You need to take into mind the quality of the materials and ensure it’s keeping to excellent standards for increasing the home value

Leenan Homes Stamp of Excellence

Leenan Homes has accumulated over 30 years of combined experience in the field of custom home building and remodelling. We have built up an outstanding reputation for being the prime choice for luxury home building.

Keeping your budget in mind, we have a variety of custom home solutions perfected for your specific needs.

Turning Visions into Reality

Guided by our client’s vision, we seek to transform dream homes into a reality. Uniform houses can limit one’s expression of individuality. Partnering with us means enjoying specially-made homes for you. We strive to create high-quality, functional homes that are stylish, comfortable, and unique, just like each individual client we serve.

5-Step Client Process

Leenan Homes follows an effective client process when building customized homes. For your Regina property, we work with you every step of the way and continually refine the project.

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We put in the effort and time to turn over a custom home that delivers full client satisfaction. We’re always present and focus on the tiny details that have elevated our craftsmanship over others through the years.

Our 5-step process starts with:

1. An Initial Consultation

We meet with the client, listen, collaborate, and take time to understand the vision. If you wish to gain more creative ideas, Leenan Homes can offer plenty of assistance in this department.

Given our long-term experience, we provide well-thought-out possibilities for your customized home. We have the expertise and required technical know-how.

Consultations can be held over the phone, face-to-face, or online. This means more flexibility in terms of schedules.

2. Design and Planning

Once mutual understanding is reached during the consultation process, the next step is design and planning. We focus on the financial budget and map the implementation of the project. A professional design team will make your chosen custom design come to life.

We then merge it with the technology and practical construction techniques available. This phase is expected to take a while, given the changes in plans as the vision is continuously refined.

3. Proposal

This step means that the right custom design has been approved, and a complete timeline of the construction project has been worked out. The team then holds a face-to-face meeting to go over the final project features.

This phase is the best venue for Regina property owners to ask queries about the construction flow, make design adjustments and review the project timelines and costs. We practice open communication at the outset as we prefer a collaborative approach in customizing our clients’ homes in Regina.

4. Construction

We handle the contract signing for the construction agreement. When final approval has been given, we proceed to the customized home building part.

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We have a team of home builders that have exquisite skills and integrity when it comes to delivering results. We are committed to excellence and will keep you in the loop for the construction progress.

If changes are recommended, we consult with the client first and wait for the decision. We ensure that the construction timeline for your customized Regina home is strictly followed.

5. Welcoming You to the Newly Built Home

The stage that everyone is eagerly waiting for, this where we turn over to the client the finished customized home!

Bottom Line

Successful home building entails commitment and trust. Leenan Homes’ proven expertise and strong reputation means your customized Regina home will be constructed with the best quality in the industry. We aim to bring you a stress-free and detailed home-building experience.

Contact us today and we’ll get in touch with you right away. You can also view the excellent customized homes we’ve created over the years on our website.

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