Renovation Wish Lists: What Should You Prioritize

Owning a home means being able to create a space that suits your personal style and needs. If you’re looking to start home renovations, it can be easy to get overwhelmed just thinking about it!

In this article, the expert team at Leenan Homes will walk you through a step-by-step process that will reduce your stress and streamline your renovations as you turn your dream home into a reality!

Build a Budget

No matter what kind of upgrades you plan on making, you’ll need a budget before you start any home renovations. Keep in mind that it’s best to start with a low figure as it’s common for unexpected costs to arise and push you over your budget during renovations.

You can also account for unexpected costs by making a separate budget dedicated to taking care of any surprises or delays. Having this reserve fund is beneficial and will protect you financially while giving you peace of mind.

Additionally, if you reach the end of your renovations, and your supplementary funds are still intact, you can use this money to take care of any future maintenance or repairs your home needs, or splurge on a luxury item!

For instance, you can invest in smart home technology, or furnishings that will improve your quality of life.

Establish Essentials

Once you’ve created your budget, you can start planning which home upgrades to complete first! Start out by making a list of everything on your wishlist, and then separate the items into the following three categories:

Required Repairs

Required repairs include any maintenance tasks you want to attend to before making upgrades. Common examples of required repairs include minor leaks, faulty plumbing, and fixing any electrical issues.
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To ensure your house is in top shape before you start renovating, you can always hire a trusted builder and an expert group of subcontractors to provide professional opinions on how to ensure your home is safe and well-maintained for years to come.

Must Haves

Must haves are the upgrades that inspired you to take on renovations in the first place. This can include removing or adding walls in your home to accommodate your growing family, remodeling your bathroom, or adding more storage to various areas in your home.

One of the most popular must haves is an upgraded kitchen! Because kitchens are the heart of the home, many people prioritize things like changing a kitchen layout or expanding their pantry to make cooking and entertaining easier.

Whatever must-haves you choose, just remember that this list should only contain items that are necessary for the renovations you’re planning.

If you’re having trouble figuring out what should go on your must have list, you can remind yourself that this list usually includes structural adjustments or installing larger ticket items.

Like to Haves

For the like-to-have section, you can include things that you want to include but can postpone or remove from your plan if unexpected costs come up. For instance, you might want to splurge on motorized blinds instead of the regular curtains or manual blinds you’ve been using for a long time.
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Other examples of this kind of upgrade include upgrading older kitchen appliances with more energy-efficient ones or having a custom backsplash behind the sink instead of a prefabricated one.

Similarly, If you think a fireplace will add to the ambiance of your home and make it feel cozier during the cold Winter months, then you can add it to your like-to-have list!

Focus Areas

Since you want to make sure your money is well spent, it’s best to focus on the rooms where you spend most of your time. Ask yourself whether you spend the most time in your bedroom, kitchen, or family room?

The places you spend your time are where you’ll want to spend the most time and money during your renovations. If your kids are going to start university soon then you may not want to spend as much time and money upgrading their rooms as you do elsewhere in the house.

You can also place exterior upgrades on this list unless, of course, you spend a lot of your time outside.

Meet with an Expert

Once you’ve finalized your lists and chosen your focus areas, it’s time to reach out to a custom builder you can trust. Be sure to schedule an interview as custom builders can help provide you with accurate estimates in terms of material costs and labor fees.
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During your meeting, you can discuss the variety of options available to you and use the information you gain to refine your plans!

The custom builder that you’re relying on should be able to connect you with industry experts and interior designers that are aligned with your aesthetic wants, needs, and budget.

As your plan develops and you go through the different pre-construction stages, the custom builder you’re working with must provide you with revised estimates for each new choice you make during your renovations.

Always remember that a quality support team is essential when conducting renovations. Find a team you can rely on who keeps your interests and goals at the heart of your renovation process.

Bottom Line

Having a dependable and top-quality custom builder and interior designer is crucial when it comes to upgrading your property. If you’re looking for an outstanding custom builder that can help you turn your house into your dream home, get in touch with the professional team at Leenan Homes.

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