Regina Home Renovation Laws

Leenan Homes uses a thorough approach when carrying out home renovation projects. We understand the various home renovation laws and apply them to the custom builds we make for Regina homeowners.

Working with us means you don’t have to worry about such laws as our team is highly experienced with them. We’ll apply them in regards to building permits, insurance and final inspections.

Wondering what exactly these laws entail? Here are some of the Regina home renovation laws we work with:

Building Permits

If you’re thinking of renovating your Regina home, you need to get a building permit. A building permit is basically a written approval by the city building surveyor. It allows us to undertake the project in accordance with the approved plans, specifications and other crucial documentation.

The following are some of the ins and outs you need to know regarding building permits.

Who is Responsible for Obtaining a Building Permit?

As the homeowner, the task of obtaining a building permit lies with you. You can, however, delegate that responsibility to us. That said, you’ll still be responsible for what happens on your property.

When Is a Building Permit Needed?

You require a building permit when looking to do any of the following:

  • New constructions or additions to existing structures
  • Doing structural repairs
  • Conducting demolitions
  • Installing new plumbing
  • Replacing or repairing the foundation
  • Moving structures from one area to another
  • Making structural changes to the basement, basement suites or fireplaces
  • Applying spray foam insulation

building permit regina

However, you won’t require a building permit when conducting non-structured repairs and maintenance. Examples of these include laying carpet, painting and fencing.

Where Is a Building Permit Obtained?

You may be able to obtain a building permit on the 9th Floor of City Hall. You’ll first need to submit various documents before obtaining a building permit. Such documents include working drawings and an application form.

Any engineering work will need to be done by a registered architect or a professional engineer. Of course, Leenan Homes can handle all these things for you.

How Much Do Building Permits Cost?

How much a building permit costs depends on the work valuation. For constructions costing below $10,000, the minimum fee is usually $100. For constructions exceeding $10,000, the fee varies intermittently.

What If You Do a Renovation Project Without a Building Permit?

If you do, you risk being issued a “stop order” or compliance order by your municipality. The “stop work” order will be active until you get a valid permit, as per the timeline of the order.

If you fail to do so, the “stop work” or compliance order may result in prosecution.

What’s more, you may need to redo the renovation should it fall short of the requirements set out on the building code. At worst, you may be charged for violating the Regina home renovation laws.


The other requirement you need to meet to have your home renovated is insurance. You should make sure you are properly covered before any work begins.

renovation insurance regina

Insurance should help cover common perils such as theft, injury or damage.

Commercial General Liability Insurance

Commercial general liability insurance offers coverage worth $1 million. Broadly speaking, this should help provide coverage in certain events. These include damage caused to your Regina home or to neighboring properties arising from the project, or for bodily harm caused to a third party.

A Homeowner’s Policy

Homeowner’s insurance doesn’t cover home renovations as it’s based on “regular usage of a home.” Therefore, you’ll need to take extra cover for the “extraordinary” event. As such, make sure to inform your insurance company about any upcoming renovations and the risk they might present.

The following are some of the questions you may need to ask your insurance agent:

  • Is increasing my current insurance coverage necessary?
  • Whose insurance will take care of theft of building materials?
  • What does my renovating company’s insurance cover?
  • What cover should I take should I choose to do some of the work on my own?
  • What may I need to do should I choose to vacate my Regina home during the renovation period?

Final Inspection

Once the project has been completed, our team at Leenan Homes will perform a thorough inspection of the project. This is where we’ll take a closer look at everything before finalizing the project.

final inspection regina

At times, not all items can be completed along with the rest of the renovation. A good example is a back-order by the supplier or flawed items requiring to be returned back to the manufacturer.

Make sure to write such items down, and we will give you an estimate on when the final touches will be completed. This way, all parties will avoid unnecessary complications.

Bottom Line

Leenan Homes is experienced with home renovation laws. It can be challenging to understand all the ins and outs of the legal process, but we are experts on the topic. We are careful to abide by all applicable laws in our work.

As such, hiring us to do the renovation work for you means you don’t need to worry about these laws yourself. Our custom build process is customized to fit our clients, and we’ll work hard to turn your dream home into a reality while you have peace of mind knowing you’ve avoided any unexpected legal complications.

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