Regina Tourist Attractions

As the capital city of Saskatchewan, Regina continues to draw a lot of interest from tourists in both summer and winter! Replete with history and cultural gems, it evokes excitement. Museums, art venues, green spaces, and a host of vibrant events are available to be enjoyed in this city!

Are you planning to visit Regina? Here’s a quick rundown of things to do in Regina:

Explore the Royal Saskatchewan Museum

As the first museum to open in Regina, this institution is a must see! Spending time in the Royal Saskatchewan Museum is both educational and fun. This museum is divided into three areas with special exhibits included.

Wander through the Life Sciences Gallery and discover the four ecozones of the province. You’ll come to learn about the biological diversity of Saskatchewan and appreciate its lovely landscapes.

Head to the First Nations Gallery where Indigenous societies’ past and traditions are depicted.

Wrap up your visit by checking out the exhibits of giant reptiles and dinosaurs located at the Earth Science Gallery.

Visit the Saskatchewan Science Centre

Going to the Saskatchewan Science Centre is a treat no matter your age. You’re bound to learn a cool thing or two. Engaging exhibits, both permanent and visiting are present to stimulate your curiosity.
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Apart from the regular exhibits, exciting events such as Fantasy Food, Adult Science Nights, and Summer Day Camps are available to attend. Immerse yourself in science experiments, enjoy staged shows, and embrace a playful science environment.

Wander Around the Warehouse District

In Regina, visitors can find a famous historic district located near the central business district. In the past, the Warehouse District was dotted with warehouses serving the railway station.

At present, it’s a vibrant area where you can dine in trendy spots, sample drinks in bars, and browse through fabulous shops.

What makes it one-of-a-kind is the vintage aesthetic appeal lent by the old warehouses. Some of Regina’s prominent commercial enterprises and residences are housed in these former warehouse buildings.

Spend Time in a Downtown Park

After a day of shopping, seeing museums, and participating in fun activities, it’s nice to spend some time relaxing in an urban park. The Wascana Centre is home to the fourth largest park in Canada and it’s designed around Wasana Lake.

It’s easy to spend your entire day here given its numerous facilities and attractions. Go bird-watching or restore your energy with quiet time near the lake.
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This could also be a great stopover after your visit to the Saskatchewan Science Center and the Royal Saskatchewan Museum as they’re located nearby.

Appreciate the Arts

Art is food for the soul. In Regina, you can drop by the MacKenzie Art Gallery and take in the beautiful works of art spread across eight galleries. This gallery hosts over 3,800 works including a mix of historic and contemporary art.

The museum is a magnificent sight in itself with a multi-purpose space and an outdoor sculpture garden to explore. You can take time to lose yourself in the artwork and go on a self-guided tour. The ongoing exhibitions are varied so there’s always something new to experience.

Schedule Some Beach Time

Regina Beach is located in South Central Saskatchewan. It’s where people gather around to relax and spend time with family. As a popular summer resort, convenient facilities are easily found nearby.

Regina Beach is a charming area with a Lakeside Heritage Museum and several beachside restaurants and souvenir shops. Soak up some sun, swim at the beach, play a game of volleyball, or rent out a boat and spend some time on the lake!

See Live Entertainment

Around Regina, there are plenty of live shows you can see! If music is your passion, you can check out the local orchestra. For theater lovers, stage performances are always available to enjoy.
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Regina has numerous venues including the Conexus Arts Centre and the Globe Theater. Both put on plenty of shows that include world-famous performances!

The former is where the Regina Symphony Orchestra is based while the latter is established in a historic building that was originally a post office.

Tour the Parliament

The Parliament building of Regina is steeped in history. Schedule a half-hour guided tour and take plenty of pictures! You can also choose a self-guided walking tour and explore the grounds close to the Parliament building.

Interesting sights such as a Queen Elizabeth II statue and the Trafalgar Fountain are among the fantastic things you can find at the parliament building.

Stop and Smell the Roses

Filled with flowers and tropical plants, the Regina Floral Conservatory is a place to escape the frantic hustle and bustle of the city. Lovely floral displays will greet you as you walk through the conservatory.

A few times a year, different exhibits are featured so there is always something new and exciting to see. The Regina Floral Conservatory also hosts events including meditation sessions, educational programs, and public teas.

Check Out Local Shops

Shopping in Regina is always fun given the myriad of shops you can pick from! Local shops can be found in the Old Warehouse District and Cathedral Village if you’re looking for artisan crafts.

If you’re looking for unique finds, you can discover them at the Regina Farmers Market. Purchasing local items is a great way to support Regina’s artisans and crafters. Who knows, you might even get to talk to the talented artisans who make original and beautiful products!
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For branded items, you can head to shopping malls such as the Victoria Square Shopping Centre, Cornwall Centre, and Southland Mall.

Bottom line

Whatever mood you’re in, Regina has local attractions that will satisfy your needs! Make your visit memorable by visiting a mix of local attractions!

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