Best Summer Activities in Regina

Regina, Saskatchewan's capital city and home of the Saskatchewan Roughriders and Mosaic Stadium, offers a wealth of history and cultural gems. Aside from the interesting art spaces and museums like the Royal Saskatchewan Museum or the Saskatchewan Science Centre, it also provides an amazing backdrop of nature, more so than other cities in Canada.

If you’re looking for adventure, Regina, or the Queen City as it's also called, is a place to keep in mind where a treasure trove of fun activities is waiting to be explored.

Traveling to international places can cost a lot of time and money. Visiting Regina Saskatchewan is a great way to spend the warmer months. Here are some entertaining things we here at Leenan Homes suggest to do in Regina:

Summer Night Market

The Regina Farmers Market is always popular on a Saturday afternoon, and it’s even more fun when you turn it into a night market! Join the Market Under the Stars night market event. It runs from July until the end of August. What more can be charming than sampling a variety of dishes and craft drinks under a summer eve sky.

Market Under the stars features live music, so don’t forget your dancing shoes for styles like salsa dancing. You can even relax in yoga poses for an outdoor session. When you want to take a break, you can grab a bite among the local food trucks parked around the area. It’s a perfect way to enjoy summer evenings.

International Fringe Theatre Festival

An annual thrilling event, the International Fringe Theatre Festival is one summer adventure not to be missed! Clear your calendar in mid-July and get engrossed in the performances. Be captivated by the fascinating dramas, lively musicals, dance and comedy. You’re sure to find a riveting show.

regina fringe festival cultural and economic hub

If you have kids in tow, no worries, as there are several entertaining shows made for different ages. Fringe theater is experimental in nature. Most of the shows are performed in small spaces so there’s more direct intimacy to the audience.

The plays are short, lasting for about an hour. It’s a fun mix of amateur and professional performers that deliver musicals, dance, comedy, spoken poetry, dance and more.

Most acts are original and created by the performers on their own. It’s easy to be absorbed by watching an authentic performance. You buy a ticket for each show so you can select which one you find interesting.

Regina Folk Fest

Every August, the music festival, Regina Folk Fest, is celebrated. This experience will last for 3 nights and two days. Typically, it’s hosted on the second weekend of August.

What is enticing about the Regina Folk Fest is the interplay between folk music and the magnificent nature views in Regina. The performers are a combination of local and international music artists and bands. It’s held in Victoria Park and offers free concerts during the day.

You can also expect to see private workshop sessions with musicians, an artisans’ craft market, and an area for children.

Downtown Regina 1912 Cyclone Tour

If you’re in the mood for a more educational summer activity where you can learn more history, consider a heritage walking tour. One of the most prominent ones is the Downtown Regina 1912 Cyclone Tour. This particular area in the city of Regina was the site of one of the most destructive natural disasters.

regina 1912 cyclone tour the queen city downtown core

On July 30, 1912, a tornado wreaked havoc by costing lives and a million dollars worth of damage in Regina. Spend the day learning about the facts of the 1912 cyclone and retrace the path of the storm. There are photos from the exhibit where you can check out the aftermath of the cyclone.

Cathedral Walking Tour

Looking to be immersed in the fascinating arts and delightful cultural treasures of Regina Saskatchewan? Go on a self-guided walking tour in the Cathedral area of Regina. You have three routes to choose from that will take 2 hours each.

The first one will take you to the Holy Rosary Cathedral, built in 1913. One of its highlights is the 2 towers found at the stunning entrance. There’s also a 1930 pipe organ and a featured design of 33 stained-glass windows from the 1950s.

Along the way, you can discover the heritage homes and apartments constructed in the 1900’s. Marvel at the vintage styles and well-kept buildings that display so much charming character. Check out the different impressive architectural styles of specific eras like the Tudor Revival, Romanesque Revival, Stick style or Classical Greek Revival.

Regina Rolling Robot Tours

If you’re looking for an unhurried pace of exploration, then try these robot tours! You get to stroll in a balancing device around the scenic sights of Wascana Lake or Wascana Marsh. It’s fun, easy, and safe.

This is a great family bonding activity and a quirky way of touring an area which even kids can enjoy. The guided tour takes 60 minutes. You’ll also get to stop for photos along the tour.

Wascana Trails

For the outdoor enthusiast who enjoy green spaces, you can try out the 15 kilometers of the Wascana Trails near Wascana Lake. Take yourself hiking, mountain biking and even include a bird-watching experience in Wascana Park. Enjoy the extraordinary views. Prepare yourself for winding descents and steep climbs in Wascana Centre Park.

regina wascana park city outdoors activities

Escaping the city is easy at Wascana Trails with its short distance from Regina. The paths are well-marked and maintained excellently so there’s nothing to fear. Several routes are available so you have alternatives, depending on the amount of time you have.

Regina Beach

What’s summer without scheduling a day out to the beach? Head to the popular Regina Beach where you can choose to take a refreshing dip, sunbathe or laze around and have a picnic. Enjoy the fine sand, grilled food and watching the summer crowd.

Other recreational diversions available here are playing volleyball, fishing and boating. You can also explore the areas beyond the waters and try dining in restaurants and shopping in cute boutiques.

Take in the relaxing beach views and the freshwater breeze in this resort town near the city. There’s no feeling like basking on the beach during summer days.

Bottom Line

These are some of the places and summer activities in Regina you can make time for. Many Regina museums and events are free and physically invigorating. Regina attractions, whether they're in the central business district or city center are sure entertain and inspire you!

Whatever you want to explore the Royal Saskatchewan Museum and Saskatchewan Science Centre or take in some theatre at the Fringe Festival, you’re sure to find entertaining options for both yourself and for families with kids of all ages. Regina Saskatchewan has a great deal to offer!

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