How Much Does a Regina Home Renovation Cost?

Renovating your home in Regina is not a decision one makes spontaneously. The first concern that homeowners tend to raise is the cost of the home improvement project.

Giving a tentative figure can help with financial budgeting, but it takes more consideration and research. You need to ask important questions on topics such as the size of the property, the type of upgrades desired, and if the structure is new or old. Aside from that, material consideration is also required.

Thankfully, Leenan Homes has made a list of the most important factors in home remodelling costs!

Price Estimate

To help homeowners prepare for the costs of renovation, it’s helpful to have a guideline for reference. Below is a pricing estimate for home renovations by the level of work needed:

  • The budget for a low-cost renovation is between $ 25,000 to $ 45,000. This constitutes changing the interior and exterior painting, performing landscaping, and little repairs

  • The budget for a medium-cost renovation is between $ 46,000 to $ 75,000. This entails kitchen or bathroom remodelling improvements, for example

  • The budget for a high-cost renovation is above $ 76,000. This can include replacement of the roof, fixing sewer lines, and foundation repairs

Of course, these are very general estimates, so take them with a grain of salt. No property is exactly the same, and they may have other factors to consider such as the age or location of the property. More often than not, multiple elements in the above list are implemented. This causes the pricing to greatly increase.

Budgeting for Room Renovations

One of the most important planning elements is considering the cost of room upgrades, which depends on the type of room. Consider the size of bathrooms and living rooms. The square footage alone plays a huge part in the cost.

home renovation budget

It also depends on the specific areas up for renovation. If you want changes around your kitchen, the cost will be above the average budget if you also plan to purchase new kitchen gadgets, customize the shelves, and replace the flooring.

To have a better grasp of the pricing, here are some elements that will determine the costs per room:


Bathrooms are tiny in square footage in contrast to other rooms. The improvements will also be more minimal compared to other areas of the unit. That’s why homeowners focus on performing bathroom upgrades initially since a smaller expenditure is needed.

The exact figure varies in consideration of the bathroom amenities you’ll choose for your Regina home. The level of plumbing and electrical work to be performed will also matter, so this affects the end costs of the upgrade.


Similar to the bathroom, the renovation price will be dependent on the size of the and the material finishes to add.

If your kitchen upgrade requires an overhaul of its flooring, appliances, countertops, lighting, and shelves then a very significant budget will be required for this extensive work.

Exterior Renovation

If you want to improve upon the curb appeal and exterior area of your Regina home then cost estimates will vary. Do you plan to paint the exterior of the unit? Do your windows need replacement? Do you need to perform full landscaping services or add a pool and pergola? If yes, then you need to increase your renovation budget.

exterior renovation

The more extensive the Regina property upgrades, the higher the costs. If you’re bent on hitting a specific cost, you can also check the materials to be used. Good contractors like Leenan Homes will offer you a variety of options in terms of materials that will fit your renovation budget.

Planning for Contingency

Renovation costs aside, as a homeowner in Regina, you should be prepared for situations when the project will exceed the budget. After all, they say that “the best-laid plans often go awry.” No matter how much you prepare, you might find yourself paying for more.

For instance, while ripping through the walls, the contractor might find a nest of termites. You need to have an extra budget on hand to resolve the pest problem in your home or for other unexpected problems.

The Timeframe for Home Renovations

As a Regina homeowner, you need to know how long the improvement project will take to be completed. You can discuss this with your general contractor. Timeframes can vary since it depends on the kind of renovations you want to perform.

If your Regina home renovation only requires a tiny bathroom remodel, then this will be finished in a shorter duration compared to a kitchen remodel. Timeframes can also extend when delays occur.

This is why it's essential to have clear communication with the contractor handling your renovation project. Being transparent is highly appreciated by us, and will help us serve you best.

Choosing the Best Remodelling Professionals

Leenan Homes has over three decades of combined professional experience in remodelling homes. We are experts in customizing Regina homes to the highest satisfaction of our clients. We are reputable in the industry and offer superior services when it comes to home renovations and remodelling, home customizing, and homebuilding.

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Leenan Homes also keeps our clients’ budgets at the forefront of our minds. We provide the best solutions when it comes to property upgrades while keeping in line with your financial limits.

We firmly follow a 5-step process that sets expectations early and clarifies your renovation project goals. It covers the consultation, design and planning, proposal, construction, and move-in stages.

Our proven professional reputation is a hallmark of our excellent track record when it comes to performing home renovations in Regina!

Bottom Line

Home renovation can be a stressful affair, but picking the right partner will give you peace of mind. For renovation cost estimates, contact Leenan Homes!

We always work to bring our clients’ visions into reality by focusing on the renovations they have in mind. We can help polish the ideas, but the results will remain true to your dream.

Leenan Homes is an expert at working with our clients no matter what improvement projects they have in mind. We’re always open to discussions, and we welcome all types of inquiries for your planned home renovation projects in Regina. Schedule a consultation with us to learn more!

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