Elementary Schools in Regina

As the second largest city in Saskatchewan, Regina is known for its historic allure and cultural attractions. This capital city is nicknamed Queen City and is counted among the fastest-growing cities in Canada.

Families are attracted to living in Regina due to its convenient amenities including libraries,, shopping centers, green spaces, and year-round activities!

Because parents want to provide excellent educational opportunities for their children, another huge draw for families moving to Regina is the many outstanding schools found here!

In Regina, residents can find an abundance of choices when it comes to education. There are 41 different public elementary schools in the city!

Choosing the best school for your child can be complicated! That’s why we’ve put together this article detailing the best elementary schools in Regina!

Elementary Schools in Regina Saskatchewan

Albert Community School

After being established in 1992, the Albert Community School became an extremely popular elementary school in Regina.

It’s primarily recognized for presenting a top-quality education system and offering superb language and Indigenous studies courses. The teachers at this school are considered the best in the region and are known for their expertise.

Coronation Park Community School

Another impressive public elementary school found in Regina is Coronation Park Community School. What distinguishes this school from others is its reading system.

They utilize the Circle of Courage 4-point scale to aid students in advancing their reading grade level. As a result, this school's students’ literacy levels are significantly improved!
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Coronation Park Community School is also focused on raising children’s self-esteem by thoughtfully supporting and encouraging kids to participate in numerous community programs.

Different activities are designed for the kids to enhance their social skills both in and out of the classroom. These efforts ensure that kids feel connected to their peers and their community at large.

Argyle Elementary School

One of the most impressive elementary schools in Regina is Argyle Elementary School. This school is known for having some of the most exceptional teachers in the province! The faculty at Argyle Elementary School is dedicated to inspiring students to achieve academic excellence.

This is achieved by ensuring their students enjoy a healthy learning environment that allows them to participate in activities beyond the four walls of a classroom.

Argyle Elementary School is also known for planning exciting events throughout the school year that engage both students and their parents. One of their most popular events is Books, Bagels, and Belonging.

This event occurs during the school’s celebration of Education Week. Argyle Elementary School is also focused on encouraging students to pursue active participation in community events.

Through extra-curricular activities promoted by the Student Activity Council, the students develop stronger leadership skills and a sense of responsibility within their community.

Ecole Centennial Elementary School

Ecole Centennial Elementary School offers its students with varied extracurricular school programs before and after scheduled classes. For instance, the school offers a program known as School’s Out where sports activities are available for kids to participate in.
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Other activities offered by this school include Park Play, a program offered to children from kindergarten to grade 8. During Park Play, the kids are immersed in a fun environment where they’re provided with the freedom to choose between a variety of activities.

For instance, kids can choose to do arts and crafts to nurture their creativity. Or they can play games to encourage more physical fitness and social interactions with other children.

Ecole Centennial Elementary School also offers activities designed to improve life and social skills by nourishing its students’ personal growth.

Park Play even happens during Elementary Staff Development Days!

George Lee Elementary School

George Lee Elementary School is an institution that supports a nurturing environment for its students’ growth. One way this school cultivates a healthy environment is by providing plenty of after-school activities for its students.

Additionally, George Lee Elementary School’s Mathletic services are offered as a means to enhance students’ math skills.
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One of the most popular events the school hosts is an annual visit by a published author. The visiting writer gives a talk to encourage students and promote healthy reading habits.

Visiting authors also seek to inspire the students to write more. As a result, the students reading and writing skills, and vocabulary are improved!

Bottom line

If you’re considering moving to Regina, the above suggestions will definitely help you choose the right school to enroll your child in! However, schooling is only one thing to consider when you move to Regina.

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