Best Neighbourhoods to Live in Regina, Saskatchewan

Have you decided to move to Regina, Saskatchewan?

Referred to as the ‘Queen City,’ Regina has been receiving a lot of attention from both renters and potential homebuyers. A significant factor is the affordability of housing options in Regina. Compared to Toronto, Ottawa, and other hot real estate markets, living in the second-largest city in Saskatchewan is relatively affordable.

It’s been noted that an influx of families and individuals have been relocating to the area. Some households have moved to take advantage of the increasing growth opportunities cropping up. Others are focused on the educational options available in Regina.

For any urbanite, transportation is and has always been a nightmare. Well, that’s not the case in Regina. While it’s a city of moderate size, you can move across the city within minutes. The public transit system is reliable and dependable, operating over 20 routes in Regina.

The city also offers a number of public transportation options. The Queen City is served by two railway service providers: the Canadian Pacific and the Canadian National. This allows for easy, convenient access to other cities and provinces in the country.

Regina has established itself as a recreational and cultural hub in Southern Saskatchewan. Locals have numerous opportunities to visit and entertain the family. Among the different options for recreation and entertainment, the popular alternatives include the Saskatchewan Science Centre, Regina Farmer’s Market, and the Royal Saskatchewan Museum.

best regina neighbourhoods

As experts in Regina housing, we often meet prospective clients who are unsure of which neighbourhood to move into. Our team at Leenan Homes has analyzed the various options available for prospective renters and homebuyers, considering the dynamics of the property market and the home-style requirements of the typical household/individual.

The Regina Neighbourhoods You Should Keep an Eye On

Looking for a place to call your own in Regina? The experts at Leenan Homes have narrowed down a few neighbourhoods that might be ideal for you.

Coronation Park

Coronation Park is perfect for young families moving to Regina. If you are considering moving to Regina with your significant other and children, then you should consider purchasing or leasing property in the neighbourhood.

The area has a mix of single-detached homes and multi-unit residences. It’s in close proximity to several recreational and entertainment facilities. Coronation Park is also an ideal neighbourhood for families as it’s near to several high schools and elementary schools.

Arcola East

Arcola East is an alternative destination for young families relocating to Regina. The neighbourhood is one of the largest in Regina and features mostly single-detached homes that are great for a family setup.

The neighbourhood is the complete package for young families. Its good safety rating is an appealing feature, meaning families can use the multiple bike and walking paths with peace of mind. The weekend sees the families visiting the community center and shopping area.

Liberty Village

Young professionals are always on the lookout for a modern and chic neighbourhood with trending amenities and services. This describes the type of housing options in Liberty Village.

The neighbourhood was established as an industrial area with factory warehouses and buildings. It’s been redeveloped and renovated and now has trendy spaces, modern cafes, and stores.

liberty village regina

As a fashionable location, Liberty Village has seen several tech and design companies move to the area. It has that urban feel with a dash of Victorian architecture.

Rosemary/Mount Royal

These are actually two neighbourhoods that are located in close proximity to one another in the western area of Regina. They offer almost similar amenities and potential purchasers/renters will find that the housing options available are almost identical, hence the merger.

Among the neighbourhoods in this article, Rosemary and Mount Royal are the most “mature” neighbourhoods. They were established during and after World War II. Housing here comes in the form of single-detached options. Recently, developers have been changing it up, adding in multi-unit options.

Rosemary & Mount Royal are known for their green spaces. Residents and visitors from neighboring areas are repeat callers at the parks in the neighbourhoods, in particular the Rick Hansen Park and the A.E. Wilson Park.

Al Ritchie

Located in central Regina, this neighbourhood is named after a famous Canadian sportsman, Alvin Ritchie. In the past, he led the Regina Roughriders and the Regina Pats Hockey Club to success on a regional and national level.

Al Ritchie is located in close proximity to downtown Regina, making it ideal for individuals working there. Residents in this neighbourhood also enjoy the various activities and programs organized by the community association. These activities help the residents bond and create a community feel that is often missing in bigger cities.

Whitmore Park

As mentioned earlier, there is a significant percentage moving to Regina to take advantage of the schooling options. The educational options worthy of mention are the University of Regina, the First Nations University of Canada, and the Regina Campus of the Saskatchewan Polytechnic.

whitmore park regina

Whitmore Park is a neighbourhood tailor-made for students. However, the neighbourhood also has housing options that cater to young families. Three quality, elementary schools are located in the vicinity. Terraced maisonettes and bungalows are some of the options that are in high demand.

In a Nutshell: Best Real Estate Neighbourhoods to Live in Regina

Renters and homebuyers are considering settling down in Saskatchewan. With its numerous attractions, affordable cost of living, and community feel, it’s becoming a popular choice over other “hotter” options like Montreal or Winnipeg.

If you are looking to live in Regina, we recommend that you consider Whitmore Park, Coronation Park, Rosemary/Mount Royal, Arcola East, Al Richie and Liberty Village.

Have you locked down on Regina as your next option for you and your family? We’ll be glad to have a conversation with you. Leenan Homes can offer sound and professional advice on your custom home building or remodeling in Regina. Contact us today via phone call or mail!

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