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We at Leenan Homes build custom homes and offer remodeling services throughout all of Regina and the surrounding areas. So no matter where you live or are looking to move, you can trust that our expert services are perfect for your area.

Locally owned and operated, we care about our city and the work we do.

Every home is different and, as such, we at Leenan Homes are committed to ensuring your Regina home suits your needs no matter what neighborhood you live in.

The areas in Regina that we serve include:

Central Regina (Lakeview, Crescents, Cathedral, River Heights, Arnheim Place, Douglas Park), South Regina (Albert Park, Hillsdale, Parliament Place, Whitmore Park. Harbour Landing), East Regina, (University Park, University Park East, Varsity Park, Windsor Park, Richmond Place, Gardiner Park, Wascana View, Woodland Grove), Newer East Regina (The Creeks, The Towns, Eastbrook), North Regina (Regent Park, Rochdale Park, Argyle Park, Sherwood Estates, Mount Royal, Rosemont, Uplands, Normanview, Normanview West, McCarthy Park, Walsh Acres) and of course the surrounding areas of White City, Lumsden, Pilot Butte, and Pense.

As previously mentioned, we are locally owned and operated, so we have a familiarity and love for this city that we bring to the homes we build and remodel. Read below for information about some of the areas we serve.

East Regina Custom Homes

East Regina is home to some of the most prestigious neighbourhoods in the Queen City. From young families and executives to retirees, this area of Regina is well suited for those looking to enjoy a luxury home with easy access to quality educational institutions and green spaces.
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This area also contains numerous amenities and is home to major retailers so residents never have to travel far to get what they need!

South Regina Custom Homes

While South Regina is home to many industrial enterprises, this area remains one of Regina’s best residential areas for those looking to access green spaces and sports facilities.

Home to 13 ball diamonds, over 15 kilometers of walking trails, and the Cathy Lauritsen Memorial Off-Leash Dog Park, the only off-leash dog park in the city, there is plenty of opportunities for residents and families to enjoy the outdoors!

Lumsden Custom Homes

Located on Highway 11, Lumsden offers its residents the peace and quiet that comes with living outside of the city centre. This unofficial Regina suburb is only 15 minutes away from the city which means urban amenities are easily accessible to residents.

However, there are plenty of things to do in this area such as explore local coffee shops and restaurants or practice your skating skills at the local ice rink! Lumsden is ideal for families and has a K-12 school in the heart of the community!

Emerald Park Custom Homes

Located 10 kilometers East of Regina along the TransCanada Highway, Emerald Park is one of the fastest-growing areas in and around Regina. Residents in this area enjoy many amenities associated with an urban lifestyle without having to worry about noise pollution or other urban inconveniences.
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Amenities in the area include not only grocery stores and quality restaurants, but also gyms and hotels that family and friends can stay at while visiting residents

Lakeview Custom Homes

Home to the legislative building in Regina, Lakeview is home to some of the most influential and prominent families in the Queen City. Not only does this area have great historic significance, but it’s also a wonderful place to call home for both new and established families and professionals.

North Regina Custom Homes

This family-friendly area exists away from the hustle and bustle of the city centre and affords its residents a peaceful community that’s perfect for those looking to live a quiet life.

Additionally, North Regina residents can enjoy numerous amenities and family-focused activities at local restaurants, bowling alleys, and parks.

Albert Park Custom Homes

Albert Park is one of the most ideal places to move to as a young adult, and many residents have chosen this neighbourhood as their forever home. This is an active community well suited to those wanted to settle down or even start a family.

Whitmore Park Custom Homes

As one of Regina’s most prominent and mature neighbourhoods, Whitmore Park offers residents housing that’s well suited to not only families but also students and senior citizens.
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Those living in this area can easily access amenities that suit diverse needs such as hip coffee shops and restaurants in addition to quality educational institutions that serve students at all levels of study.

Bottom Line

Leenan Homes is proud to serve Regina’s diverse population and is fully committed to helping Regina residents build custom homes or remodel existing properties to help improve the quality of life for those living in Regina!

Leenan Homes is the perfect property partner for those looking to make their dream home a reality! Our team of experts will happily accommodate your budget and ensure your home is functional and perfectly suits your needs!

For more information on our custom building and remodeling services, reach out to us today at 306-205-6252, or schedule a consult by filling out our contact form!

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