Things to Do in Regina

Regina, being the capital of Saskatchewan, is a vibrant city. It offers plenty of history and culture with its great number of creative venues. You can find performing art centres, tourist attractions, natural scenery, charming museums, and vast pockets of greenery.

If you plan to tour Regina, here are some of the interesting things to see!

Royal Saskatchewan Museum

Learning about Saskatchewan’s history starts with wandering throughout the Royal Saskatchewan Museum. You’re certain to find fascinating art that showcases the history of the local area, such as works exhibited in the First Nations Gallery.

If you’re partial to dinosaurs, the Saskatchewan landscape, or biodiversity, head over to the CN T. rex Gallery, Earth Sciences Gallery, and Life Sciences Gallery. You’re certain to feed your curiosity and leave with stimulating information from the award-winning exhibits.

Wascana Centre

Beating the famous Central Park in New York in terms of size within a city, the Wascana Centre in Regina is a park with a vast 930 hectares of space. It encompasses Wascana Lake. This park earns the 4th spot in Canada for its expansive area. It was built in 1912 and continues to be a place where people go for relaxation and exploration.

It’s easy to be entertained at the Wascana Centre with its several art centres, the popular Royal Saskatchewan Museum, and Saskatchewan Science Centre located nearby. For nature enthusiasts, they’ll be captivated by the natural wildlife, such as the many ducks and geese that make their home here.

Regina Floral Conservatory

For those seeking calm and the therapeutic ambiance that greenery can bring, the Regina Floral Conservatory is a must when visiting this city. The high point of your visit is checking out the indoor tropical garden. There are no fees to pay and you’ll find a huge collection of foliage, trees, and succulents to admire.

regina floral conservatory

The best thing about the Regina Floral Conservatory is the frequent rotation of floral presentations. Visitors can always find something to look forward to with its seasonal exhibits spread throughout the year. The floral collection is definitely impressive. They also conduct educational tours and host exciting events.

Slate Fine Art Gallery

If art is your jam, then consider stopping by the Slate Fine Art Gallery. You can see the gripping contemporary artworks by both recognized artists and emerging ones. Enjoy the rotation of exhibits offered monthly. They come from a roster of artists extending their talents through evocative artworks.

Who knows, you might just find a brand new favorite artist!

Additionally, Slate Fine Art Gallery in Regina features a variety of materials for its art. You can find wooden sculptures, glazed clay, ceramic jars, stoneware, and steelworks aside from the regular oil, watercolor, and acrylic paintings.

Kiwanis Waterfall Park

Immerse yourself in nature at the Kiwanis Waterfall Park. Exploring this relaxing waterfall park is a great idea for a hike on your own, with friends, family, or even with your dog.

Enjoy the peaceful meandering river, numerous ponds and playgrounds, and cool waterfall sightings. You can also plan a picnic here, given the available tables in the area. If you’re looking for a quiet and reflective spot, you can sit on the banks of the river.

MacKenzie Art Gallery

Located in the Wascana Centre, the MacKenzie Art Gallery in Regina attracts many people. Boasting eight captivating galleries, it holds over 3,800 historical and contemporary artwork collections. Some featured artists here are Ivan Eyre, Patrick Hayman, and Roger Ing.

mackenzie art gallery

Be engaged in the immersive art experience. You can choose to go on a guided or self-guided tour. They also hold interactive workshops and children’s activities that you might be interested in. Before leaving, be sure to find time to visit and admire their outdoor sculpture garden!

Regina Beach

Situated northwest of Regina, the popular Regina Beach resort is a favorite hangout of beachgoers.​​ Aside from swimming, there are several outdoor water activities available for everyone, such as boating and fishing.

For those who prefer inland recreation, they can go hiking, cycling, or take their kids to the playground. You can also go for a game of beach volleyball at the courts or enjoy a picnic with your family in the designated areas.

If you just want to soak up the sun and work on your tan, Regina Beach offers a pretty beach area. When the sun’s rays intensify, you can visit the charming boutique shops, dine in beachside restaurants or visit the interesting Lakeside Heritage Museum. One of the best things about escaping to Regina Beach is you don’t have to pay any entrance fee!

Conexus Arts Centre

To get your dose of theater shows or musical performances, Conexus Arts Centre in Regina is the best venue to go to. They’re known for hosting huge and exciting events. In fact, some of the most celebrated musicians and artists have graced the Conexus Arts Centre for dance recitals, rock concerts, and even Broadway musicals.

conexus art centre

Moreover, this is where you can enjoy the acclaimed Regina Symphony Orchestra.

Warehouse District

Regina, being a historic city, hosts some of Canada’s well-known heritage districts. You’re certain to encounter the remarkable Warehouse District located just northeast of the CBD hub. Plenty of local businesses populate this area with their charming shops, stylish breweries, and hip bars.

Warehouse District has successfully transitioned itself from being a bunch of old warehouses to a thriving hotspot of cool urban activities!

Bottom line

Whether you’re a local or tourist, Regina offers endless fun and activities no matter your entertainment preferences and for any season, be it summer or fall. You can explore the city solo, with friends or family, given the plethora of attractions available in the capital of Saskatchewan.

It’s impossible to have a dull moment in a place teeming with rich history, thrilling attractions, and lively cultural hotspots!

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