State of the Regina Real Estate Market

You might have noticed that real estate sales prices are going up in Regina. This results from the market trends in large cities like Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal, influencing people to move to other areas due to their high cost of living.

It might also come to your attention that the COVID-19 pandemic has sparked super-low interest rates, and the wish to move to smaller cities, towns and rural areas has skyrocketed.

Although the country has certainly experienced the impact of the worldwide pandemic in the real estate industry, the exact effect is different for every area. When seeing the national average price, we may think that the result is the same for all markets nationwide, but the figure may be inadvertently misleading. Smaller provinces may display different figures.

In Saskatchewan, one may observe that the average housing prices are recorded below the average home prices displayed in nearby provinces. However, the real estate market here does show that its prices are moving upwards.

In this article, Leenan Homes will focus on the growth experienced in the Regina real estate market so you know what to expect if you’re thinking of purchasing a home here!

Regina Market is Trending Upwards

On the whole, the Saskatchewan market growth is relatively less steep compared to other areas of Canada. Still, a high degree of upwards movement can be observed, especially in Regina.

regina market trends

In 2021, particularly in the initial months, there’s been a notable increase in residential sales in Regina. If we take a look at the numbers gathered from the Saskatchewan REALTORS Association (SRA), the sales percentage in Regina jumps 70% if we compare year-on-year from March 2020 to March 2021. This notable increase within a one-year time span is considerable.

This figure is also striking given that the percentage increase is 50.2% higher if you compare it to the five-year average in the city of Regina. It’s also 48.7% higher within the ten-year average of the Regina real estate market.

As April 2021 came around, it can be noted that the upward trend continued. Regina’s home sales boomed and scored a 172.2% increase year-on-year compared to April 2020. The year-to-date sales soared to 91% in 2021 in contrast to the figures back in January to April 2020.

Since sales per unit had risen and the demand continued to mount, the housing prices increased as a reflection of the upward trend. Even single-family home prices inched towards an increase of 8.5% in the area as measured by the MLS Home Price Index (HPI).

If you check the figures of other regions in the country though, the price increase isn’t as dramatic as the other larger markets’ movement in pricing, so homebuying is still attainable here.

sales price increase regina

Given that the housing prices are continuing their upward climb, the demand has been steady. The sales volume in Regina has shown to double with the volume of housing units sold. The data reflects that the sales increase in the city has reached 207.3%. This can be attributed to the solid first quarter, showing the year-to-date sales volume at 103.4% higher than the initial four months of 2020.

An essential way of setting the housing prices at a low rate is to keep a balance between market supply and demand. In Regina, one can find that active listings have dropped a bit but the levels are still strong, preventing the prices from shooting up in the future.

In April 2021, one can notice a 129.8% increase in new real estate listings. It’s considerably above the five-year average figure by 23.6% and above the ten-year average by 23.1% respectively. The year-to-date listings record also show a surge of 44.5%.

Additionally, high housing demand in the city of Regina shows an inventory of 3.1 months by the last part of April. This translates as selling off a property in a little over a 3-month period. However, at present, demand is rising given that a home will be available on the market in a mere average of 40 days if we based on the figures in April 2021.

Regina Housing Market’s Growth

To ensure that the Regina real estate market remains steady, the number of new listings needs to increase a bit. This will lead to stability in the prices and maintenance of the affordable housing costs especially to the homeowners purchasing for the first time.

regina housing market

Those who want to take advantage of the low-interest rates can decide to invest in the wildly attractive and stable property market in Regina!

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