Tips When Planning to Remodel Your Commercial Space

Remodelling your commercial space holds great promise for your business. It could be the rebranding of the company, a fresh start, or a touch-up on the aesthetics. With a new look, you are bound to attract more interest from clients.

A redesign and upgrade of your space often look like an easy decision. You can picture the new coat of paint, the organised spaces, and chic furniture. But the decision to renovate your commercial space comes with a lot of considerations.

With over 30 years of combined experience in the building and remodelling industry, Leenan Homes offers tips for owners of commercial spaces. After reading this article, you’ll be set to develop a thorough remodelling plan!

What to Build

While it may look like a simple thing to do, you will be surprised by how many property owners go about remodelling without an idea of the type of office space they want. Are you on the lookout for a simple retouch of the reception area, a rearrangement of the commercial space, or a complete overhaul? The different options available to you come with their own needs and challenges.

One particular element that will determine the type of remodelling project is the financials. Consult your financial advisor to know whether you have the funds. Knowing what exactly you want to build will also advise you on how to operate as a brand or a company. You may decide to suspend operations for a while, only use part of the office, or work from home.

Selecting a Contractor

For a project that has so many considerations, it’s typical for the property owner to find oneself out of his or her depth. They usually don’t have the expertise, experience, or industry knowledge to execute the refurbishment of the space. A professional contractor with a proven track record of sound workmanship and quality service tends to be the best option.

selecting a contractor

It’s recommended to choose the design-build model where you deal with one agency or contractor company instead of multiple companies. Not only does this streamline the workflow, but it also guarantees the standard of work. This model is also less stressful to the property owner as they are able to communicate and refine their tastes and vision with only one contractor.

Leenan Homes specializes in the entire lifecycle of the remodelling project. With our team of architects, interior designers, contractors, and real estate professionals, we will design, coordinate construction, meet all local and municipal provisions, and oversee the final project.

When Leenan Homes is your property partner, you can rest assured in knowing that the renovation and remodelling of your commercial space are to the highest construction standards.

Modern Designs for Your Office Space

Renovating an office space is more than just applying a new coat of paint and new tiles to the common areas. From our experience in the construction industry, commercial space design centers on progressive ideas that are meant to improve the functionality of the space for both clients and employees.

In the design process, we recommend choosing a modern office design that incorporates the company’s culture, the employees, the services offered, and the rate of footfall. This usually requires the services of an experienced and professional expert. The architects and interior designers at Leenan Homes are willing to design the perfect space for you!

modern office designs

Some of the contemporary office designs that you should consider include the use of ergonomic furniture, eco-friendly infrastructure and appliances, open workspaces, and the incorporation of smart technologies.

Value Increments

Provided one is located in an ideal location and growing economy, property generally appreciates. However, the increase in value is subject to the effects of wear and tear. To add, there are changes to market tastes and preferences that may make your property functionally obsolete.

By remodelling your commercial space, you’re making your property as competitive as the new developments in the neighborhood. Done properly, a commercial remodelling project is bound to increase the value of your project. This could be ideal if you are planning to exit the market or have identified a new target demographic for hire like remote workers or freelancers.

Cutting Down the Intermission

Renovations to your space are bound to create a messy, noisy, and dusty place. There is not an environment where work can be done well. Furthermore, the presence of tools and work in progress could lead to injuries for you and your employees.

We recommend that all employees be made aware of the impending renovation. It’s also prudent to discuss the best way to conduct business or offer services to your customers. This will require a great deal of collaboration. For example, the renovation period might be a good time to engage in out-of-town projects and plans.

work hazards

For occupational hazards and other associated risks, the use of highly visible signage is critical to the safety of your employees. Signs should also clearly delineate any restricted areas, temporary entrances, exits, and potential dangers ahead.

While the renovation is being done to your office space, clients need to be served and deadlines met. It’s important that the renovation be done in an efficient, transparent, and risk-averse manner.

Bottom Line

To remodel your commercial space, you should call on a reputable company that’s able to integrate your vision, preferences, and the demands of the market into the process. The remodelling company to rely on for such a project in Regina is Leenan Homes! We offer complete renovations, additions, and other customized solutions to meet the needs of our clients.

Our extensive industry knowledge, experience, and attention to detail position us as the number one remodelling company for your commercial project. Reach out today and receive a quote for your inquiries!

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