Living in Regina

As the second-largest city in Saskatchewan, Canada, Regina is the seat of a strong economy. Like other major cities in the province, it’s supported by major industries in oil, natural gas, steel fabrication and food processing.

If you’re looking to stay in a city with a stable economy, amazing climate and an excellent transportation system, Regina offers these and a lot more.

Interested in learning more? A more detailed overview of what you can expect of Regina can be found below!

What’s the Climate Like in Regina?

When living in Regina, you’ll be wearing several layers of clothing as you’ll be exposed to chilly winters. Cold weather runs from October to April while the warmest summer months start in July and end in August.

For those who prefer living in a city with a cool climate, Regina will be a good match for you. Expect to experience a lot of rainfall in Regina, as it's also predominant in the warm months.  

How’s the Growth Potential of Regina?

For those thinking of relocating to Regina, you’ll be there at the ideal time. The growth potential of this city points to a positive direction. The city recently revealed a 2030 economic growth plan aimed at a community-led and inclusive vision.

Unlike other major cities in Canada, Regina has a low cost of living. It makes owning a home easier.

However, there are a lot of renters who try to experience what Regina offers before committing to investing in a home. If you’re looking for an ideal rental property, please get in touch with Leenan Homes to assist you. 

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What Are the Available Schools in Regina? 

Parents can forget their worries about finding an excellent education system in this city. There are plenty of options to choose from. Aside from schools run by the Regina Public School Board and private schools, you can even find options like Francophone schools and schools run by the Regina Catholic School Board.

Additionally, one can find alternative and independent schools in Regina run by either of Regina's two public school boards or other educational institutions. College students also have their pick of several excellent universities in this city.

How Is the Transport System in Regina?

Regina offers fixed routes and a high-quality transportation system. It’s even known as the oldest transit system in Saskatchewan. Regina also offers a 33-fleet paratransit service for those who are unable to use the regular transportation system. 

What makes it even better to reside in Regina are the short commutes around the city. As little as 20 minutes is all you need to arrive anywhere, saving you plenty of time and money. 

What Are the Main Recreation, Cultural Offerings and Entertainment Options Found in Regina?

In Regina, you can immerse yourself in fun activities all year round. You can find skating rinks, outdoor pools, and tennis and basketball courts. Nature-lovers can enjoy the numerous parks for activities such as picnics. There are also multiple dog parks to take your pets. 

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For those who love an active lifestyle, Regina has multi-use pathways. You can ride a bike, rollerblade, jog or skateboard in these areas. It’s very convenient to partake in your favourite activities here. Skiing is also available!

If you’re a fan of art, you can delight in the numerous art galleries, museums and historic centres found around the city.

For entertainment, exciting monthly festivals are held in Regina. Among them are Winterruption, Mosaic Festival, Regina Folk Festival and Cathedral Art Village Festival.

For sports fans, Regina has a professional Canadian Football team, Saskatchewan Roughriders. You can also root for other teams during sports events such as the Regina Pats, Regina Rams, Regina Red Sox and Regina Thunder among others.

No matter what your favourite sport is, you’re bound to find a team to cheer on in this city.

Interesting Places in Regina, Saskatchewan

Regina also markets itself as a tourism centre. Locals and tourists alike are certain to spark their curiosity and interest in the following attractions:

1. Royal Saskatchewan Museum

This museum was founded in 1906 and focuses on natural history. Explore its different galleries (Life Sciences, First Nations, Earth Science) and special exhibits.

2. Saskatchewan Science Centre

Promoted as an interactive science museum, you can enjoy the fascinating exhibits that are found in permanent form and special, limited-time ones.

The Saskatchewan Science Centre also encourages participation in their Adult Science Nights and various other exciting events.

3. Warehouse District

As an old city, Regina has its own vibrant Warehouse District. What used to be an industrial area serving the railway station has transformed into an eclectic charm of hip spots. There are nifty dining places, fashionable shops and lively bars in its vicinity.

The enchanting part of this historical district is that the old warehouses have been converted into commercial spaces.

regina warehouse district

4. Wascana Centre

A strong contender against NYC’s Central Park is Wascana Centre. It spans 930 hectares and wraps around Wascana Lake. It’s dubbed as one of the top largest parks in Regina. Enjoy the wildlife in Wascana Centre and take in the relaxing views of the lake.

5. MacKenzie Art Gallery

The famous MacKenzie Art Gallery is located in Wascana Centre. Visitors can enjoy its 8 galleries. You can find almost 4,000 art pieces to admire. They also offer an outdoor sculpture garden that’s stunning to look at.


Deciding to be a Regina resident means you’re embracing a high quality living. You’ll be happy to stay in a city with a solid economy and attractive city facilities. It’s also easy to integrate into a welcoming community where a variety of social events frequently take place.

Families would especially love to raise their kids in this north central Saskatchewan city. The education system is outstanding and the choices are wide.

If you’re interested in being a local resident in Regina and are looking to rent, please don’t hesitate to call Leenan Homes today at (306) 994 5475. We look forward to helping you find a comfortable place to stay.

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