Our Vendors: KRN Residential Design

Over the years, Leenan Homes has grown in reputation in Regina and Saskatoon as the best home builder and renovator. And while we have a capable in-house team of experts, we can't take all the credit. Some goes to the reputable vendors with whom we've partnered. One such partner is KRN Residential Design.

In this article, we'll explain the role that KRN Residential Design plays in the services we offer. As our client, current or future, we want you to know about the professionals we work with as we develop custom homes and commercial projects on your behalf.

About KRN Residential Design

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KRN Residential Design is the company of Kelly and Carmen Nadler, two gurus in the design industry. They have been offering custom design and consultation services since the 90s and are highly respected for their work.

What sets KRN Residential Design apart from other service providers in the region is their experience and expertise in matters of design. The company has many years of design experience and have been involved in multiple projects of varying scale. Their expertise has served us well over the years.

As a highly-rated design team in Regina, KRN Residential Design has a well-trained and professional team responsible for some of the exceptional designs that Leenan Homes has developed in the past.

Their Vision and Business Mission

Being a locally-owned and operated company, KRN Residential Design places a high value on the community. A beautiful property contributes to the welfare and standards of a community.

With that in mind, KRN uses a multi-disciplinary approach in designing the form and function of every space. From our working experience with these expert designers, we can say that they take great pride in what they do.

KRN Residential Design’s business mission revolves around its clientele. The amazing designers create unique solutions that match the goals and dreams of each client. They appreciate the fact that the lifestyle of each client is unique, and thus design a home with that in mind.

The design team is able to implement its vision and mission by taking on a ‘People first’ approach. From the onset, the team values and appreciates their client’s views and comments. After all, they are the one using the service!

Their business mission matches what Leenan Homes stands for and the niche that we have cut out for ourselves in the property industry. Together, with the experts from KRN Residential Design, we are able to design and create amazing custom homes in the Regina area.

KRN Residential Design Services

We rely on KRN’s wide range of services to be able to meet our client’s needs and expectations. Some of those services include:

Custom Home Design

This is one of the most requested services from our clients. More and more potential homeowners are looking to design and put up their own homes in the Regina area. We rely on KRN Residential Design to come up with customized designs. With their expertise, there's no limit but your imagination!

Interior Planning

Just as the design and structure of your home match your wants and personality, the interior also does the same.
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Are you expecting a new addition to the family? Instead of relocating to a bigger home, expanding your current built-up space is the solution you should choose. KRN Residential Design is an expert company in helping property owners build up and out.

Certified Foundation Design and Inspections

Do you suspect there are issues with your foundation? Have you seen cracks or fissures at the base of the house? KRN has a history of assisting property owners with such problems. Their experts will perform a thorough examination of your foundation and advise you on the best move forward.

The KRN difference

At Leenan Homes, we've partnered with several vendors in the past, but few have offered the quality service that we and our clients receive from KRN Residential Design. From our partnership, we have been able to pinpoint a few differences that give KRN that competitive edge:

  • A client approach. The team at KRN genuinely wants to know the client’s dream and views from the onset.
  • Contemporary styles. Our clients benefit from modern styles, incorporating efficient and energy-saving solutions.
  • The team. The creative team at KRN Residential Design is highly professional, well-trained, and experienced.
  • Creativity. There is nothing that the design crew cannot bring to reality. Regardless of your dreams, expect a unique and quality design with KRN.
  • Value for money. With the leading design team in Regina, you are guaranteed value for every dollar you spend. To add, the company prices its services at competitive rates, making them affordable across all budgets.

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Are you ready to start designing your perfect, customized house?

Partnered with KRN Residential Design, Leenan Homes is the ideal service provider in all of Saskatchewan for your ideal home. We will design and build your dream home perfect for your needs and that of your household. Our custom build solutions are guaranteed to stand the test of time and give you satisfaction for several years to come.

We also offer remodeling and renovation services, should you need to transform your house to match your lifestyle. Get in touch with us today and receive our quote for our custom build and renovation services!

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