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At Leenan Homes, our team has over 30 years of experience in the real estate industry, specializing in custom home building and remodelling. Our extensive industry knowledge positions us as experts in helping to manage, facilitate and maximize the potential of your large-scale remodelling project.
Our team of experienced, reputable and well-established professionals can help to return value to your home and successfully make your remodelling goals a reality.

At Leenan Homes, we understand that your dream home begins with you - your vision, your creativity, your individuality. We offer scalable remodelling options to entirely transform your home into an extension of your lifestyle and uniqueness. We work hard to develop your ideas into quality, functional homes that have the style and integrity to stand the test of time. Our craftsmanship and attention to detail ensure that our remodelling project homes have incredible resale value and will perfectly match your individual needs.

Throughout the entire design and construction process, you will work closely with our expert team of professional architects and designers who will help to shape your vision and provide helpful guidance through the home remodelling process. At Leenan Homes, we specialize in large-scale remodelling projects such as complete renovations, additions and other projects with a need for expertise and a large scope vision. There is no request too unique for our team. In fact, we thrive under a challenge. We work hard to ensure your remodel project is dedicated to creating a home, not just a house. With Leenan Homes, you can truly “make it your own.”

Our five-step client process

All of our Leenan Homes remodelling projects are created using a five-step model so you are well integrated into the process every step of the way. Throughout the entire remodel project, we work hard to put your vision first. Our primary goal is to ensure your personality and uniqueness shine through in every aspect of your home. Our luxury home remodelling experience is unrivalled in the Regina area and is highly commended by real estate professionals in our city.

Step One: The Initial Consultation

When we take on a remodelling project, we begin the process with an initial consultation meeting with our client. Each project is unique and we work hard to understand your priorities, vision and creativity. If you do not have a specific vision in mind, we at Leenan Homes will show you the endless opportunities and options you have for your remodelling project. As experts in the industry, it is our pleasure to show you the vast range of exciting possibilities for your home. Using our expertise and extensive technical knowledge, our goal is to help bring the Leenan Homes touch to your new home. All consultations can be done by phone, in-person or virtually so we can work around your busy life.

Step Two: Design and Planning Phase

Following the initial consultation meeting, our team will begin our design and planning process to help bring your vision to life. During this process, we outline the next steps, budget, design and technical elements for your large-scale remodelling project. During this phase, your project will be assigned a design team whose primary goal is to connect your vision to the technical designs and construction timeline of your newly remodelled home. We believe a solid planning and design process is critical to the overall success of the project. As your partner, this design process will go through many reiterations and revisions to ensure we are properly capturing your unique vision for your new home.

Throughout the construction and remodelling process, our professional trades and construction personnel tasked with building your home are accountable to the highest of standards. For our team, we only accept the best.

Step Three: Proposal

Once you are happy with the design, technical elements and construction timeline, our team moves on to an in-person meeting to discuss the final details, contract obligations and construction contracts. After the project contract and design are completed, we will execute the contract and move on to the building phase of the project. The proposal stage is a great opportunity for homeowners to ask their final questions about the design and construction process, amend designs or planning and get a comprehensive overview of the project, timelines and final costs. We are committed to providing you with valuable information and high-quality service throughout your project contract and beyond.

Step Four: Construction

Once the contract is signed and the project has been approved, construction will begin. All of our remodelling projects are carefully planned to complete the project with as minimal disruption as possible and as efficiently as possible. At Leenan Homes, we only work with the best which is why you can rest assured that our team of construction and trades professionals uphold only the highest standards of construction. Throughout the remodelling process, your Leenan Homes team representatives will keep you informed about the progress of your home, will consult on any changes or additional decisions to be made and will ensure your project is completed as efficiently as possible.

Step Five: Welcome to your newly remodelled home

Once the project is completed and construction is wrapped, it is time to enjoy your remodelled home!

Why choose Leenan Homes?

Established in 2015, the Leenan Homes team is made up of professional architects, designers, construction professionals and real estate industry experts. With experience in a variety of subsections of the real estate industry, such as custom luxury home building and property management, our team is well-positioned to bring your vision to life for a home that entirely yours. Our primary goal is to provide intrinsic value to your home. As your trusted remodelling professionals, we have the flexibility and scalable experience to build you your dream home both within the city of Regina and surrounding areas.

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