The Basics of Residential Construction: What You Need to Know

If you're planning to build your new home, it’s sensible to want to know what goes on behind the scenes. This article will offer some info on how a home builder proceeds with the construction project. We'll break down every phase to give you a clear idea of the process.

Note that the process of building a home differs depending on the place and the builder assigned to the task. It’s best to ask for more details from the builder on their own policies and procedures.

Here’s a rundown of the basics of building a home:

1. Getting the construction site ready

home building

Application for permits

Once you've found a great home builder and settled on a neighborhood you love, the construction can't start just yet! Certain procedures need to be followed before a builder starts home construction.

They must first get city approval and have their permits granted. This can cover permits for zoning, septic systems, electrical work, and plumbing.

Leveling the site

Preparing the site and starting the foundation work is the next step. But if the area is covered in woods, clearing may take a while and require special help from a bulldozer and backhoe.

Placing wooden forms to protect the temporary foundation

After the site is leveled, wooden forms are put up as a foundation template.

Installation of footings

Setting up footings is a necessity for ground support. Otherwise, you run the risk of the house sinking. Holes are also dug during this phase to set up a well and full basement. The team will pour concrete into the holes at this time and allow it to cure.

Installation of plumbing and waterproofing

Once the concrete has cured, the team will start waterproofing the foundation walls. This is also the right time to set up plumbing systems such as drains, sewer systems and water taps.

First inspection

When the curing is finished, you can expect the city inspector to survey the site. The purpose is to ensure that everything is up to standards and the installations are done well. After this, the builder can get rid of the forms and proceed with framing.

2. Finishing the rough framing

This phase requires the completion of the floor system, wall and roof system of the structure. Sheathing is used on the exterior walls and roof. It’s protected with a house wrap to keep water from slipping inside and to prevent mold or the wood from degrading.

3. Finishing the rough plumbing , electrical and HVAC components

In this phase, you can expect the construction team to install the following:

  • Pipes, wires, vents, sewer lines
  • Water supply lines, HVAC vent pipes
  • Ductwork for HVAC system
  • Bathtubs and shower units
  • Electrical wiring and receptacles

Second, third, and fourth inspection

Again, all the systems are reviewed, including the plumbing, electricity, rough framing and mechanical systems. They must adhere to the building codes. This will require several inspections.

4. Installing insulation

installing insulation
Keeping your Regina home comfortable in the winter will require adequate insulation. This also has an impact on the energy efficiency around the structure. Several types of insulation are available to be used in homes such as cellulose, foam and fiberglass.

5. Finishing the drywall and interior fixtures

This phase is when the drywall is hung to the interior walls and taped to render the boards invisible. It’s also when the primer coat of pain will be done, and the exterior finishes will be set up. These finishes can range from stones to stuccos and bricks.

6. Completion of interior trim, setting up exterior walkways and driveway

This stage is when the baseboards, windowsills, moldings and interior doors are mounted. This includes the decorative trim. Specifically, cabinets and fireplace mantels are put up. The team can also start applying the final coat of paint or wallpaper (if preferred) during this phase.

The exterior portion of the home starts to get some focus at this time, such as the walkways and driveway.

7. Securing the hard surface flooring and countertops, finishing the exterior

At this point, the tiles and wood flooring are set up including the countertops. It’s also expected that the exterior finish grading is done so drainage is functional. The builder can move forward towards landscaping for the outdoor area.
installing wood flooring

8. Completion of mechanical trims, furnishing bathroom fixtures

This stage is when the home is equipped with light fixtures and outlets. The electrical panel is ready and all the switches can be used. The HVAC systems are also set up with a complete registry. Further, all the toilets, faucets and sinks are set in place.

9. Setting up mirrors and shower doors, completion of flooring and exterior landscaping

This is the phase when the shower doors, mirrors and carpets are put up. You may have trees, plants and greenery set up, ensuring that the landscaping is done.

Fifth inspection

At this point, an inspector drops by to do a final evaluation and check whether the home is ready for occupancy. If it is, the inspector will give a certificate of occupancy. If there are issues during the inspection, another inspection will be scheduled to determine that the concerns are resolved. It may take a week to do another follow-up inspection.

10. Performing a final walk-through

At this stage when everything is completed, the builder will conduct a walk-through of your home with you. They'll explain all of the home features, including the operation of the different home systems. You’ll also be reminded of your duties as a homeowner and how to properly maintain it.

This is advantageous for you as the homeowner, since you can make corrections and adjustments while walking through the structure. It’s best to be observant and thoroughly check the fixtures, walls, floors and surfaces. Spotting any overlooked problems early-on can prevent disputes later on.


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