Finding the Right Custom Homebuilder in Regina for You

They say home is where the heart is, and there is not much that could be truer. From Holiday dinners, backyard parties, baby's first steps and graduations, the memories built in the home are priceless. Whether you are ready to build a custom home or are serious about a renovation, you will need to find the right builder to work with who can bring your dream home to reality.

To make things a little easier and provide you with some ideas, we have curated a list of top tips when evaluating a home builder who can make your dream home a reality.

1. Research Them Online

Easiest way to get the process started is through internet research. Pay close attention to examples of previous work. Does their new home work look and feel the way you envision your work. Make sure to look for home builders that are a part of the local home builders association. In Saskatchewan, the Saskatchewan Home Builders Association website has a directory to all their home builders.

What areas in and around Regina as well In wider Saskatchewan do they build in? Do they do infill, or is their projects in Harbour Landing, Hawkstone, the Creeks, the Greens, Eastbrook, the Towns? Or do they build in neighbouring communities like White City, Emerald Park and Pilot Butte? What location do you want to build in?

Based on the images and project photos can you assess the quality of the builder? High quality custom home builders will use a variety of unique features that elevate their design. These homes are all show homes in their own right.

2. Interview Your Prospects

From your research, aim to compile a list of questions and set some time to meet with the builder. In person is always the best, but zoom calls are readily available if it is your preference. Some questions you can ask the builder: Can you tell me some ideas and suggestions you envision for this project? Are you able to provide a few references? How do you deal with challenges and stay on schedule during the build? what designer do you work with? What floor plans do you have? Can I create any floor plans I would like and what customization is available to me?

interview custom homebuilders

3. Pay Attention to Communication Skills

Communication is the key to success for any relationship, and is critical to delivering effective home building. Do they have a presentation? Did you communicate the timelines clearly to you. Did they get back to you once you reached out in a timely manner? Are they willing to answer all your questions in detail and offer clarifications? Are they punctual to meetings, quick to respond, organized, and have good business sense?

4. Make Sure You're Dealing with Professionals

Home building and renovations require specialized skills, which is why you are seeking a home builder. In addition to their past projects, client testimonials and membership is a Saskatchewan and Regina home builders association, make note of and look for a few other signs as to whether you are dealing with a professional.

  • They should be knowledgable about the permit process and what if any challenges your design might present with permitting.
  • A professional will offer you a detailed estimate after listening to your needs in the project that identifies the additions and allocations you have for your dream home.
  • Professionals do not hesitate around contracts, and have several different contracts in addition to the construction agreement such as for sub-trade agreements and supplier agreements. The contractor will also be able to provide proof of insurance or GST/HST information.
  • Professional home builders have warranty as well that extend to critical components of the home upwards of 10 years.
  • Make sure the builder is covered with insurance and that the builder requires and documents that each sub contractor has their own insurance.
  • These are all tell tale signs of what the home building experience will feel like once the contract is signed and construction begins.

5. Lastly, Here Are Some Warnings to Watch Out for with a Builder

  • They are not willing to, or cannot answer your questions
  • They are late for meetings and take long to respond to communications
  • They tend to use cheaper materials to save costs
  • They ask for deposit retainers higher than comparable builders

Your new house is around the corner. It is a perfect home for your family and you are prepared to begin the process of building that dream home you have been planning for months or even years.

regina custom home builders

Your first step is to choose a builder that has gone through the home building process before without any major incidents or accidents and with dozens and dozens of happy clients. This is your biggest step to ensure that your home will be completed on time and without any unnecessary problems. There are a few things to consider when searching for a builder; and some of them can help you to make the right decision.

The age of the company is a major point to consider. Ideally, you will want a company that has been in business for several years and not one that just opened last month. Although no company can guarantee mistakes or accidents won’t happen, an experienced company will have gone through all of the issues that may arise and have developed preventative measures to ensure as little damage as possible.

This is the start of an exciting process. Residential construction is incredibly exciting as these are the spaces we live our lives in, spend time with family, reach our goals and make our memories.

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