Dream House Ideas

Our homes are personal corners of the world. As such, we do our best to make them as comfortable as possible. We like to add unique features that suit us the most. Building a new home or doing extensive remodeling takes this customisation to the next level.

Finding a new home of your own is an exciting project, and there are plenty of inspirations for custom home features you can include in your dream house. Leenan Homes has some suggestions to get you started!

Indoor Spaces

The interior of the home is where people draw together to engage in various activities. As such, there are many rooms to consider when creating your dream home. Rooms, where we eat, work, and relax all have their own features suited for these needs.

When having a house, it’s not surprising that the interior is what you’ll experience the most out of the whole structure. It’s only natural to make it as comfortable and personalized as you can. The interior should be prioritized when it comes to designs, and the following are a few ideas of what you can focus on:

1. Kitchen Lighting

As kitchens are common areas, it’s easy to customise them with the wide variety of tasks that occur here. Some features, in particular, stand out when choosing a look for your kitchen. For example, a lighting style that's great for kitchens and sends a warm and welcoming vibe is under-cabinet lighting.

kitchen lighting

It can also make tasks such as preparing food that much easier with the increased light on the countertops in the evenings.

2. Cozy Nook

You can have a separate kitchen area designated for having breakfast in the morning or curling up with a cup of tea. It can also be where your kids can sit and study.

3. Granite/Quartz Countertops

Quality material like granite/quartz can last a long time, making the cost worth it. It’s stylish, durable, and cost-effective.

4. Bookshelves

Although it’s easy to get your hands on ready-made bookshelves, it’s advisable to have built-in ones to carve more space into your room. You won’t worry that they’ll overlap in the corners and block your access to some of your books. Installing shelves also lends a stylish look to house interiors.

5. Large Windows

Providing lovely vistas and natural lighting, windows can play a big role in enhancing the look of your house. This can boost your mood and make your home much more inviting for all seasons.

6. High Ceilings

More and more homes have opted to construct high ceilings to make the rooms airy. It provides a feeling of spaciousness. Instead of, let’s say, three floors in a house, people now choose a one or two-story home with high ceilings.

7. Open Floor Plan

Not only are open floor plans taking over offices, homes now reflect this style. Instead of building so many cramped rooms, walls are now taken down to open up more spaces. There’s a good flow of air and people can come together easily to interact and engage in different activities as a group.

8. Pet Area

Given that more and more families are adopting pets by the day, pets can benefit from a spot of their own. You can place their sleeping cushions, feeding bowls and even add a shower area if you have a dog.

pet area

It also helps to contain noise if you have a dog that’s prone to barking and makes cleaning up after pets easier. You can set the room temperature, especially for animals that need a colder environment.

9. Home Office

With the rise of remote work, having a private space where you can buckle down to do serious work is a necessity. You can shut down distractions and noise if you have a large family. Your home office can be personalized to contain the work layout that encourages your productivity the most.

10. Game Room

The game room is an area where kids and teens can play video games to their heart’s content, without noise disruptions for the rest of the household. They can also invite their friends over for a competitive gaming.

11. Playroom

Similar to a game room but more toddler-friendly, a playroom is an area where safety is built-in. Toddlers or young children can adventure all over the space, play with their toys, and run around without the risk of falling from high places or breaking anything.

12. Home Theatre

This designated entertainment area can be equipped with the best surround sound system, movie screen, and cozy lounge chairs. You can appreciate the latest films magnified for your viewing pleasure.

Outdoor Spaces

The trend today is creating a smooth transition from indoors to the outdoors. You might observe that more homes have sliding glass doors towards the exterior of the house.

outdoor spaces

The flooring also connects seamlessly to the outdoor areas. The outdoor furniture is well thought out to provide this easy flow.

Here are a few of the outdoor elements you can consider for your dream home:

1. Outdoor Kitchen

An outdoor kitchen is especially great for the summer months. It’s best as a grilling station when having an outdoor barbeque gathering.

2. Custom Pool

You can follow the natural landscape of your home when designing your pool to make it suitable for the surroundings. Hot tubs also offer an added level of comfort to your home’s exterior.

Personal Space

Even extroverts need some downtime and places to unwind. More homes are now designed to imitate the luxurious resorts for that relaxing spa feel. It makes the residents more serene as they enjoy the quiet areas that used to be experienced only when going on holiday trips.

1. Spa-style Bathroom

Mirror the tranquil spa features in your bathroom with walk-in showers, hot tubs or jacuzzis, steam showers, and mood lighting.

2. Large Dressing Rooms

The walk-in closet has graduated into a room complete with shoe racks, bag display shelves, wall mirrors, a couch, jewelry counters, and aesthetic paintings.

Extra Amenities

With the myriad of options when it comes to technology, homeowners can maximize the conveniences by adopting a customized approach. It can definitely enhance the quality of living.

1. Heated Floors

When living in a place with colder temperatures, having heated floors in your home can keep you warm and toasty during snowy days.

heated floors

You can also consider a similar heating method with your driveway to avoid snow buildup, a great added value for your home.

2. Smart Home Automation

Smart devices transform daily life simply by connecting electronics to the home. You can play around with the control settings via a simple mobile app in your phone.

Luxury Features

If you have the means, why not incorporate the luxurious extras that make a difference in your home life?

1. Library

If you love books and are a collector, then creating a personal library of your own doesn’t require a second thought. You can copy libraries around the world for inspiration.

2. Wine Cellar

For those who enjoy fine wine, they can build a cellar or wine room to store their best bottles at the perfect temperature. This can be convenient for someone who often hosts dinner parties and serves wine to guests.

Bottom Line

When designing a custom home or doing extensive remodeling, you have many options when it comes to making the best fit for your needs. Whether it’s your interior or exterior, personal space or luxury amenities, there’s a lot to consider.

Leenan Homes has a team of architects, designers, construction professionals and real estate industry experts with over 30 years of combined experience. Whatever your dream home may be, we can help you achieve it. Contact us today to learn more about our services!

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