Custom Build vs. Pre-Built Home

It’s everyone’s dream to have a house to call home. The “why build a home” question is quite obvious. A home is a place of safety, personal space, and where you make memories.

The “how to build a home” question, however, is the one that stumps many people, considering all the options out there.

The two most common options available to work with are a custom home or a pre-built home (also known as a production home or prefabricated home). While the decision solely rests on you, there is one that has better benefits if you’re debating between the two. Leenan Homes, Regina’s top custom home builder, has provided the following guide explaining this!

Pre-Built Homes

The option offers homeowners a quick solution to their housing needs. Pre-built homes are common in major subdivisions or master-planned communities where a development company purchases or is commissioned to put up the houses. The design and construction process is founded on volume purchasing and economies of scale.

While it is an attractive option in terms of time taken for acquisition, it lacks significantly in terms of client satisfaction. Once acquired, a homeowner may make several changes to the internal layout or to the finishes and fittings to meet their unique family needs.

Pre-built homes lack in terms of diversity and individuality. By definition, there is no originality to the layout or design. At times, the quality of materials used can also be lacking due to budgeting for standardized homes.

Custom-Built Homes

As the name implies, a custom home capitalizes on its uniqueness. Everything about your custom home can be unique and tailored to your housing needs, from the design to the construction.

building a custom home

A custom home offers homeowners more control. No one will make set conditions and demands on the building process. In addition, if funds are an issue, you can control the pace at which the development is being put up. You do not have to accept any timeline given by a pre-built home.

It’s up to the homeowner to choose to work with separate professionals for each phase of the project i.e., a different architect, builder, and interior designer. However, a better option is to work with a design-build company that can manage the whole process from start to finish. Luckily for you, Leenan Homes does exactly that!

With our custom homes process, your options are unlimited, other than the necessary building code and zoning provisions. You have the freedom to bring your dreams to life. You could even save more by going with a custom-built home compared to a pre-built home as you wouldn’t have to sink your funds into personalizing a cookie-cutter space.

The key to a custom-build project is the choice of build company. To enjoy the individuality and control of custom homes, you need to select a reputable and experienced company. The professionals need to have the expertise and capacity to fully understand and interpret your needs. Consider Leenan Homes, as we have everything you need covered!

Our Custom Home Process

Over the years, Leenan Homes has refined its home building solutions. Our custom home process is designed to prioritize the needs of the client and guarantee 100% satisfaction. In each of our custom home projects, you can see the personality of the homeowner shining through every element of the house!

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Leenan Homes’ five-step building process for custom homes is broken down below:

The Consultation

Each custom home project begins with a consultation meeting between our team and the client. From our experience, custom homes should be handled on a case-by-case basis. This is the polar opposite of a pre-built home’s approach, and one of the reasons why our company does not provide that option; we want your custom house to be a reflection of you alone, not a mass development.

There are various aspects to consider in each project. The needs of the clients, the topographical and locational factors of the land, zoning, and local building provisions are just a few.

The meeting allows us to touch base on your housing needs. It also gives us the opportunity to merge our expertise and industry knowledge with your needs and preferences. The result is typically a beautiful idea that satisfies the client’s requirements and also meets set standards on land zoning and building.

With Leenan Homes, homeowners enjoy an endless stream of exciting and stunning home options!

Home Design

What follows is the transfer of the agreed idea to paper. Leenan Homes will assign you a design team, together with a liaison. The design team will be tasked with the responsibility of delivering a solid and detailed floor plan for your custom home.

The liaison keeps you in the know of any developments and seeks clarifications where changes are needed. The design process tends to require several revisions to capture the vision and dream that you have in mind.

why custom homes are better than production homes

Our custom homes meet industry standards as the designs and floor plan are drawn by licensed and registered practitioners. This guarantees the integrity of the plans and the future development, keeping us accountable to our clients.

The Proposal

The liaison will plan for an in-person meeting where the final design will be tabled. Once approved, the project contract is offered. The contract will detail the terms and obligations of both parties.

Leenan Homes typically asks its clients to make any inquiries as to the process, the timelines of the project, amendments of the proposed design, and variations (if needed). We pride ourselves on being transparent and honest with our clients regarding their custom homes. You can expect comprehensive information during this session and beyond.


With the contract signed, our team can now begin the hard work! On average, building custom homes takes about six to nine months. The house development is handled by our team of professionals and builder tradesmen whose expertise is second to none. The liaison keeps you informed on the progress and will consult you should changes be needed.

Due to the thrill of construction, most homeowners wish to be part of the process. However, the construction site can be a dangerous place with several safety hazards. As such, we ask our clients to plan with the liaison to avoid such mishaps. You will be kept fully in the loop on our progress without any risk to your safety.

The Handover

This is the moment that you have been waiting for, the completion of your dream home! You will find that every inch of your new home is as per the drawn and approved designs.

We have confidence in the quality and standards of the construction. That’s why Leenan Homes offers a one-year warranty for custom homes in addition to a 10-year warranty from Progressive Home Warranty.

Bottom Line

Are you looking for reputable and experienced custom home builders in the Regina area? There is no company better positioned to offer you such services than Leenan Homes.

We are the premium home builder, offering exceptional services at an affordable cost. Our team has the experience, having put up many homes in the Regina area. Our experience in house construction is unrivaled. Get in touch with us today to get your dream home started!

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