Building the Best Custom Kitchen For Your Regina Home

Kitchens are one of the most used areas of a home. It’s where meals are prepared and people gather. As such, it’s definitely worth it for residents to customize the space.

The kitchen layout must be cleverly designed to maximize the surface area. It must be a comfortable place to move around and dimensions must be accurately measured.

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Merging more than 3 decades of expertise and experience, Leenan Homes can design the best custom-made kitchen for your Regina residence.

We focus on special details, providing top convenience, and a stylish aesthetic for our clients. Our many kitchen projects over the years have given us extensive experience. Given that kitchens are areas of warmth and comfort for residents, we’ve assigned utmost importance to their creation.

Focus on Kitchen Function and Seamless Flow

Kitchens are typically divided into multiple zones according to specific purposes. In general, they have a food preparation area, cleaning area, cooking and baking area, and refrigeration and food storage area.

A great kitchen provides excellent counter space access. Food preparation takes place in this area, and it can be made much more enjoyable with the proper setup. It’s also essential that there’s storage space, providing access to cooking ware and key ingredients to whip up a meal.

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Kitchen layouts must be properly planned so ease of movement is accomplished. Several types of layouts are available, such as the one-wall kitchen, galley kitchen, L-shaped kitchen, U-shaped kitchen, island kitchen, and peninsula kitchen.

One-Wall Kitchen

This type of kitchen layout is often designed for smaller areas to maximize space and functionality. Cabinets are placed across one wall. It’s a minimalist finish that can display these storage cabinets or a set of shelves.

Galley Kitchen

This type of kitchen layout focuses on the practical utility of cabinets. It presents the appearance of cabinet rows facing one another. A galley is created in between, given it the name. It conserves space and is hailed as a simple and budget-friendly option.

L-Shaped Kitchen

This type of kitchen layout is suitable for all types of kitchen sizes. It’s easily identifiable with the cabinets placed on perpendicular walls, creating an L-shape.

L-shaped kitchens give more flexibility and allow for more separate work zones and different appliances. Compared to other layouts, the L-shaped kitchen’s open plan style is highly recommended.

U-Shaped Kitchen

This type of kitchen layout is more fitting for very spacious kitchen areas. It takes up 3 adjacent walls for its cabinet space.

U-shaped kitchens are great for ample storage and easy workflow. It gives plenty of elbow room for different people using the kitchen at once. One can prepare a meal, wash the dishes, and do the cooking without going into another person’s space.

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Island Kitchen

The island kitchen layout is very popular. The centre area is taken up by a large counter space or a storage area. The “island” can be used as a meal preparation spot, cooking area or bar. It’s very versatile since it can also be a place to eat meals.

This layout requires a large space to avoid feeling cramped. The natural space flow also makes it an ideal design to adopt in most homes.

Peninsula Kitchen

This type of kitchen layout is similar to the island kitchen but adds a kitchen counter that sticks out from a wall or a storage space. This is functional in areas where space is limited. You gain extra counter space to prepare food or dine.

Consider Storage Space

The more storage in your Regina home kitchen, the better. It’s best to equip kitchens with multiple cabinets, rows of drawers, and a pantry.

A pantry serves as extra space for small appliances that you need to use now and then, such as blenders and waffle makers. It also visibly reduces clutter and ensures that counter space is reserved for the more common appliances and grocery items.

Long-term Durability and Kitchen Aesthetics

Using quality building materials and fixtures ensures the custom kitchen in your Regina home will experience less damage and has minimal wear and tear.


You can invest in granite or quartz countertops. Several types of materials are available, and you can weigh the benefits and drawbacks of each.


Similar to countertops, there’s also a great range of flooring materials to decide on, depending on your aesthetic style and budget.

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For flooring options, you can pick hardwood flooring, vinyl or tiles.

Kitchen Cabinets

You can choose between traditional, glass front, shaker style, or rustic country style cabinets for your kitchen. Choosing neutral paint also allows you to easily mix and match kitchen decorative pieces.


Kitchen lighting can range from under-counter to overhead lights. One can also add interesting light pieces to make the kitchen more attractive. Whether you prefer dim lighting or plenty of natural light, this is an area where you have lots of freedom to decide.

Customizable Features

Depending on a client’s preferences, it’s easy for Leenan Homes to add special types of kitchen amenities. We can design home automation, built-in sound systems, and smart technology lighting controls. Multiple options exist these days in building your dream kitchen to match your personal taste and lifestyle.

Bottom Line

Leenan Homes can design fully customizable kitchens for residents in Regina. We have the best resources and proven experience to provide excellent custom kitchen results.

Whether you plan to rent out your Regina home or resell it, the home value is premium given our detailed construction and well-made kitchen designs. We work with clients to bring forth their individuality and personal vision for their custom kitchens in Regina. We are reliable when it comes to attention to detail and client-focused.

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