Custom Home Design Trends 2021

Our homes should feel cozy, warm and inviting. These days, more than ever, we find ourselves wanting to create additional work and study corners, areas dedicated to relaxation and self-care, and establishing more outdoor relaxation spaces.

Well you’re in luck because custom home designs are entirely within your reach!

It’s possible to embark on both small and large-scale home adjustments to make your living spaces suitable to your wants and needs. The list below details what is currently trending when it comes to customized home designs for the year 2021. 

Check out these 12 home design ideas to elevate and revitalize your space:

1. Create Amazing Backgrounds

A lot of us worked remotely this past year and had to take zoom calls. Many of us became more aware of what our rooms looked like day-to-day and in video calls, inspiring us to make changes to our home decors.

To create an attractive background, you can hang framed art or photos, paint an accent wall, and add artsy decors or plants. Providing a chic backdrop brings new life and character into a space.

2. Incorporate More Brown and Beige

Earth tones are a welcome sight these days. Tan, khaki, mocha, sand and taupe furnishings and accent walls are being used to create warmth in spaces. It’s neutral, so it's easy to accessorize and lends a pleasant and cozy vibe to any interior space. 

Accent wall in beige

3. Explore Neutral Hues Aside from White

Charcoal and gray are two shades that are very popular right now. These hues can create an elegant contrast in any kitchen palette, especially ones that are predominantly white. Dark grays provide a sophisticated touch and deepens the space.

4. Design Calming Laundry Rooms

Laundry isn’t a task everyone looks forward to doing but it’s unavoidable. These days homes are being renovated to make the laundry area a more relaxing spot.

Owners can transform the space into a bright, even fun area of the home since it isn’t usually visible to guests. They can also customize the layout and design to fit their needs.

5. Deign a Work Nook

Whether there are plenty of people sharing your home or you live alone, it’s essential to create a work nook. This separates your personal, relaxation spaces from your work life.

By creating this space in your home, you’ll be able to tailor it to meet your working needs.

6. Invest in Hands-Free Faucets

Hands-free faucets have become more popular in the last year. By minimizing hand contact, this touchless design ensures everyone’s safety. You can use your elbow to simply tap a button to start the flow of water. A new variation also includes a voice-assistance software that is now integrated as an advanced feature.

kitchen faucet

These faucets aren’t just better at reducing contact with germs, they're also convenient if your hands are full or too dirty to touch anything.

7. Plant Soothing Gardens

If you need a relaxing space, surrounding yourself with greenery is always a good choice. So, create a garden area for a serene environment.

Even if it’s just a couple of plants on your windowsill, this space could provide you with a moment of calm. If you have the space for it, you should consider taking up gardening as a hobby.

8. Add Partitions/ Sliding Doors

In a home with several family members, it can be hard to carve out an area for privacy, but adding some partitions/ sliding doors can do the trick.

Regardless of how many people live with you, having a partition of some kind can create the allusion of having more rooms and thus provides you with more design options in your home.

9. Consider Building a Backyard Cottage

If you live a smaller home and you find yourself needing more space, it’s could be time to build a backyard cottage. It can be challenging to find extra spaces for your work, yoga, studying and whatnot.

By allocating some of your yard space to installing a backyard cottage, you create more room for everybody to enjoy.

10. Install a Pergola Outdoors

You might want to have a pergola installed outdoors. This shaded walkway or sitting area can be a place to lounge around, get some fresh air and get out of your regular environment.

You can also conduct your studying or working here for a change of scenery. The best thing about a pergola is how affordable and easy it is to install!

garden pergola

11. Install Light Wood Cabinets in Your Kitchen

In lieu of white or dark wood cabinets, you can incorporate light wood ones. It makes the space look bright, warm and cozy. It also blends nicely with whatever colour scheme your home is currently using. Light wood cabinets provide a more distinct and unique appearance as opposed to white ones.

12. Add Shower Features that Promote Relaxation

Who doesn’t want an at-home spa? By adding steam showersand aromatherapy shower heads in your bathroom you can create a more relaxing experience. You can mix your favorite essential oils to melt your stresses away.

Bottom line

As a homeowner, there are plenty of ways to create more inspiring and welcoming spaces in and around your home. The best part is, a little goes a long way so you don’t need to break the bank to redesign elements of your house!

With these design suggestions, you are well on your way to revitalizing your living space.

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