8 Ways a Custom Home Provides More Value

When it comes to homeownership, prospective proprietors are usually restricted to two options: either building their own home or the purchase of an existing one. Both are great options! However, creating your own home offers more value.

In recent years, the preference of prospective homeowners leans more towards a custom home than an already lived-in house.

Established in 2015, Leenan Homes is a local, custom home builder represented on the ground by a team of designers, construction professionals, architects and real estate experts.

With our experience building unique homes within and around the city of Regina, we offer the following outline on why custom building provides more value:

Energy Efficiency

The standards of the home and construction industry are constantly under review. The quality of materials, fittings, appliances and HVAC systems used five years ago are inferior to the current products and systems in the market.

A new home will naturally be fitted with newer and quality materials and systems, which are more energy-efficient and can save a homeowner a substantial amount of money on utility bills.

Dealing With Safety Concerns

Older homes might offer that familial warmth and charm but can also harbor several safety hazards. With already live-in houses, you have no assurance of the standard of maintenance.

One potential safety hazard is old electrical wiring. The wiring in a building is probably as old as the building itself. Faulty wiring is a major cause of home fires. Additionally, damaged and aged sockets and plugs can cause electric burns and shocks to your family.

benefits of custom homes

A custom home circumvents these safety concerns and more. Your family is safe within your home, together with your possessions and pets.

Fewer Maintenance Costs

Before diving into homeownership, there is one particular property attribute you should take into account: the depreciation of construction. With depreciation comes the need for repairs, renovations and other maintenance costs.

From a rational perspective, it makes more sense to invest in a custom home that will cost you less to maintain over the years.

Older homes might require a new boiler or a new air conditioning system a few years down the line. This significantly reduces the joy of homeownership with these hefty costs.


Location, location, location. This is the mantra sung by all real estate professionals and the advice has always been spot on. Property is an immovable asset and the location of your lot will determine the amenities and also the utility you derive from your new home.

With an older home, the location is pre-selected for you and denies you the choice of selecting an ideal location. A custom home allows you to choose a neighborhood with the right mix of amenities and services, like whether it’s in proximity to the airport or an area with nearby walking/hiking trails.

Customized to Fit Your Unique Style and Needs

A custom home allows you to dictate the terms of your home, from the design to the type of driveway to the quality of the interior designs. If you ask any potential homeowner, they have a wish list for their dream home’s look. A custom home allows them to bring that dream to life.

why build a custom home

A home should be able to meet the needs of your family. While an older home might offer a large garage, open kitchen plan or ensuite bedrooms, these amenities don’t fit into the plan you have for your family.

A custom home allows you to choose the amenities that make sense for your family. It also gives you flexibility in knowing you can convert the use of a room, according to your future plans.

Smart Features

Technology is a defining characteristic of the 21st century. It has cemented its place as an essential component in our workplaces and our homes. Incorporating smart technology is much easier with a custom build home than with the purchase of an older option.

Smart technology that you can incorporate into your home includes home entertainment systems, HVAC systems, automation systems, environmental controls, and security systems. A smart home gives homeowners an easier time when it comes to managing their homes and also helps in lowering the utility bill.

More Comfortable and Convenient

Every person has that specific hobby they would like to engage in once in a while. It helps you relax and takes your mind off things. It might be playing billiards, tinkering in the garage, or even just closing yourself off to the world by reading a book.

With a custom space, you are able to create a convenient space for yourself to engage in your hobbies exactly as you wish.


Newer homes offer great warranties to their new homeowners. Warranties are an important element as they protect the owners from expensive and major renovations that might be needed. This is not, however, the case with older homes.

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To enjoy the best home warranties in and around Regina, you need to work with experienced and reputable builders. Leenan Homes is the company you need to get in touch with for a custom home at an affordable price.

The Custom Home & Remodeling Experts in Regina

When it comes to building your custom home, no one does it better than Leenan Homes. We are the market leaders in the industry with over 30 years of combined experience in remodeling and customizing homes.

Creating a tailored space requires an experienced, qualified and reputable home builder. Those attributes describe the members of professional team here at Leenan Homes.

We acknowledge that every home is unique in terms of size, fittings and utilities. To offer the best home building experience, we work hard to incorporate the client’s ideas, lifestyle and individuality with our sound workmanship and creativity. The result is a custom home solution that meets the homeowner’s goals and will stand out to perpetuity.

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