What to Know About the Cost of Living in Regina

Regina is a great place to live when it comes to quality of life. It’s home to over 220,000 residents, according to the last census, and it’s rapidly growing. For good reason, too!

Residents and visitors alike have plenty of fun things to do here. The city features tons of parks, major attractions, and has many places to enjoy sports, arts, and culture. Add these to the high walk and bike score rating, and you’ve got yourself an exceptional place to live!

But what about the cost of living? Is life in Regina affordable?

In today’s article, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about the cost of living in Regina. But before determining regular price breakdowns, it’s good to know what factors affect cost of living that are particular to the city itself.

Regina’s Climate

The city of Regina is located in the southern central area of Saskatchewan and is Canada’s sunniest city.

Regina experiences four seasons and has warm springs, pleasant falls, and cold, dry winters. Be sure to set aside some funds for winter clothing if you’re coming from a warmer climate!

Regina’s School System

There are three school divisions in the City of Regina. That is:

  • Regina Board of Education. This is tasked with administering all public elementary and high schools
  • Regina Catholic School Board. This is affiliated with the Roman Catholic Church and runs Catholic-affiliated elementary and high schools
  • Conseil des Ecoles Fransaskoises. This is a French-only school division

regina schools cost of living expense

The city also has 3 centres for post-secondary education. These are the University of Regina, the Saskatchewan Polytechnic, and the First Nations University of Canada. Education costs here are reasonable, meaning you won’t have to worry as much about budgeting for high-quality education!

The Economy

Directly tied to its cost of living, Regina’s economy is resource-based and is fueled by agriculture, and oil and gas production.

Telecommunications, tourism, metal fabrication, manufacturing, mining supply chain, and finance and insurance are other players contributing to the city’s economy. If you work in one of these industries, you’re sure to find a good job in the city center!

Young people often choose to work in a restaurant or chain store.

Over the past few years, Regina has also been named on several occasions as one of the most affordable places to do business in North America. As a result, if you’re considering moving to Regina to launch a business here, then you’ve come to the right place! You can start a business without costs being as heavy as some other major Canadian cities.

The Transport System

Regina is conveniently located along the Trans-Canada Highway. This is a series of provincial highways which join all ten provinces of Canada, from British Columbia to Newfoundland and Labrador.

In addition, both the Canadian National and the Canadian Pacific Railway all run through the City. The city is also home to the Regina International Airport. Owned by Transport Canada and operated by the Regina Airport Authority, the airport serves approximately 1.2 million passengers a year.

regina transport system cost of living regina

For passengers unable to use the city’s regular transit system, there is the Regina Paratransit.

Ultimately, unlike in other cities, residents in Regina don’t have to rely on a car to get around. There are many transport options available, meaning you can limit your budget to public transit if you’d rather avoid car expenses. This lowers the cost of living overall, as it’s a highly accessible city when it comes to travel!

Cost of Living in Regina, SK


The median after-tax monthly salary is $2960, which is enough to cover cost of living expenses for 2 months in Regina. The city is ranked in the top 4% of best places to live in the world, and its cost of living plays a significant role in that!


When going out for dinner, expect to pay about $60 for two people. A meal at an inexpensive restaurant for one person costs around $15, and half a litre of beer at a local bar costs roughly $6.


Cost of living expenses take into account leisure activities. In Regina, the monthly fee for a gym membership is around $35.24, and a movie ticket $10.22 costs on average.

Rental Properties

This is probably the biggest cost of living expense. When it comes to renting, the costs will depend on how close you are to the Regina city center.

Expect to spend about $829 per month for a 1 bedroom apartment in the city center. A large studio should cost about $100 less. If you want a 1 bedroom apartment outside the city center, it'll cost about $726 monthly. An apartment with three bedrooms in the city center costs $1473 per month, on average.

Regina tends to be a bit cheaper than other cities in terms of rent.


If you choose to use a taxi to get your way around town, expect to pay $15 for an 8-kilometer ride.


As for groceries, a litre of milk, half a kilogram of bread, and a kilogram of rice costs $1.53, $2.16, and $2.66, respectively. For the cost of fruit, expect to pay $2.98, $1.32, and $2.70 for a kilogram each of apples, bananas, and oranges.

grocery costs cost of living regina

As you can see from the cost of these basic elements, when considering the median after-tax salary with the cost of living, Regina is very much an affordable city. You can expect a high quality of life without a strain on your finances!

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Bottom Line: Cost of Living in Regina

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