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Established in 2015, the Leenan Homes team is made up of professional architects, designers, construction professionals and real estate industry experts. With over 30 combined years of experience in the local real estate industry, we specialize in creating solutions for your custom luxury home.

Our reputable and well-established services are designed to integrate your unique vision and personality into your home throughout the design, planning and construction processes. Our services include custom home building and remodelling projects such as complete renovations, additions and other projects with a need for expertise and a large scope vision. We serve the greater Regina area and surrounding rural communities.

Reputable Custom Home & Remodelling Professionals

Our extensive industry knowledge positions us as experts in helping to manage, facilitate and maximize the potential of your custom luxury home, large-scale remodelling project or commercial project. As your partner, we work hard to provide superior client service, all while managing your project from start to finish with great care taken to integrate your unique vision and creativity.

We work hard to develop your ideas into quality, functional homes that have the style and integrity to stand the test of time. Our craftsmanship and attention to detail ensure that our custom luxury homes or remodelling project homes have incredible resale value and will perfectly match your individual needs.

At Leenan Homes, we don’t focus on just the numbers, our primary goal is to provide intrinsic value to your home. This type of value serves your lifestyle and personality. Throughout the entire design and construction process, you will work closely with our expert team of professional architects and designers who will help to shape your vision and provide helpful guidance through the home construction and remodelling process.

Creating Unique Opportunities For Your Custom Home Project

We specialize in creating unique opportunities for your personality and uniqueness to shine through throughout your home. As a team, we thrive with any sort of challenge - there truly is no request too big or too specialized. Using our expertise and extensive technical knowledge, our goal is to help bring the Leenan Homes touch to your new home.

We specialize in the entire lifecycle of your custom home project, from vision planning, designing, coordinating construction and technical elements and overseeing the final project.

At Leenan Homes, we only work with the best which is why you can rest assured that our team of construction and trades professionals uphold only the highest standards of custom luxury home construction and remodelling. No matter your vision, we pride ourselves on having the flexibility and scalable experience to build you your dream home.

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